iCloud Private Relay en iOS 16

iOS 16 is within reach of all the leaks and rumors in recent weeks. There is less and less until WWDC22 arrives and we see all the news of the new operating systems of the big apple. On this occasion, the latest reports suggest that iCloud Private Relay (or iCloud Private Relay in Spanish) will expand its functions throughout iOS 16 bringing improved user privacy to the entire operating system. It is likely that the function will no longer be in “beta” mode as it is now in iOS 15 to make way for the definitive version with important news in iOS 16.

iCloud Private Relay Explained

iCloud Private Relay will expand its features in iOS 16

The key operation of iCloud Private Relay is based on our connection bouncing off two different servers. With this bounce, what is intended is to hide the IP and DNS records with which we are connected to external websites. Currently, iOS 15 has this system in beta through the iCloud+ subscription included in the iCloud plans. Nevertheless, iCloud Private Relay only works with Safari.

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Apple Blocks iOS 15 iCloud Private Relay Feature in Russia

According to a report published by the Warned, Apple might be thinking of expand iCloud Private Relay to all iOS 16 connections. That is, all Internet connections that leave our iDevice will be encrypted through the rebound from iCloud relay: third-party apps, third-party services, browsers other than Safari, etc. This would imply a really important change since many of the tracking companies earn money through the information related to our IPs and other types of content that they can extract from the connections.

However, it is a important step towards improving user privacy In the net. In addition, a handful of new features are expected to arrive in the so-called iCloud Private Relay bundle beyond connections. Let’s remember that within this bundle there is also the option to ‘Hide mail’ with which Apple generates random emails that redirect to our main email, among other functions. These will take a step forward in iOS 16 by evolving user security.