iOS 13.5.1 is looting the iPhone battery, users complain

Users on the Internet have begun to complain about the disproportionate loss of energy from their iPhones. As forum discussions have shown, the application is probably to blame Apple Music.

smartphone on charger, illustration photo: Lifewire

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Music doesn’t play, the battery dies

Hundreds of users are bothered by the noticeable consumption of energy from the battery, which all those affected face at the same time after upgrading to iOS 13.5.1. According to the threads on Apple’s official forum a the Reddit network is to blame for a music app called Apple Music.

It offers both access to an offline library of songs on your iPhone (for example, purchased from the iTunes Store, or pirated downloads) and access to the Apple Music streaming platform. Whether you use the application one way or another, it can probably cause you similar problems.

In particular, users complain that the application directly plunders the battery when started in the background is able to squeeze the battery calmly for 16 hours. All this with the display off. The application probably doesn’t work properly and constantly works in the background so passionately that it drains the battery.

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How to fix Apple Music?

Angry users immediately began to despair of a solution. According to them, the reinstallation of the application does not work, its hard termination or even advice directly from Apple support, namely the removal of all playlists, so that the application does not have to work with anything in the background.

Normally, Apple Music works in “off” mode, updates your library, album graphics, lyrics, and so on. But it should definitely not look like the battery is managed for you all day by an application that runs only in the background.

Tips that can help:

  • turn off automatic application sync
  • turn off background work
  • check if the app is not downloading background music
  • turn off mobile data to use the app
  • make a backup of the device via iTunes and restore the entire iPhone to factory settings

If you’ve also encountered a similar malfunction of Apple Music, let us know in the discussion!