Intel with a new product above the excellent AMD processors?

The Intel Core i9-10850K processor was initially only available to pre-assembled computer manufacturers.

Intel is likely to launch a new Core i9 processor soon, which is expected to easily deal with AMD Ryzen’s increasingly popular processors. Here, of course, we are talking about the Core i9-10850K processor, which will be intended for by far the most demanding users. Nevertheless, the newcomer is said to be significantly cheaper than the Core i9-10900K model, which according to experts does not offer a good price-performance ratio.

The new Intel Core i9-10850K processor will be made using 10-nanometer technology and will recalculate data with 10 processor cores or 20 processor threads. The novelty is supposed to recalculate the data at a frequency of 3.6 GHz or 100 megahertz less than the Core i9-10900K model. For the most demanding tasks, the frequency will jump to 5.2 gigahertz with the help of Thermal Velocity Boost technology.

The amount of L3 cache in the new Core i9-10850K processor should be 20 megabytes, while the thermal power should not be less than 125 watts. The novelty will initially in all probability be available only to manufacturers of pre-assembled computer systems. A little later, however, the new Intel processor may also be available over-the-counter, and the price is expected to be slightly lower compared to the Core i9-10900K model.