Intel has shown a product with a gigantic encapsulation

Probably the development codenamed Ponte Vecchio posed for the camera.


Back in November last year, Intel unveiled its accelerator for the HPC market, codenamed Ponte Vecchio, and a photo of an unnamed development was recently unveiled. Relatively many of them got their heads up on this, even though nothing could be known about it.

(source: Koduri King Twitter) [+]

The company has seen tremendous interest and is probably why they have blessed the world with a few extra photos presented by Raja Koduri, a senior engineer at Intel.

(source: Koduri King Twitter)

Nothing specific has been revealed about the images, but considering the size of the enclosures, it is practically certain that these are accelerators intended for servers.

(source: Koduri King Twitter) [+]

There have been rumors in the past that Intel will use a chiplet design for the development codenamed Ponte Vecchio, making it a single-, two- and four-chip version. This is supported by the three types of encapsulation that would correspond exactly to this concept. In this way, Intel can design a chip that can connect up to four of them in one enclosure.