Intel had to temporarily stop supplying HW for Inspur, the world’s 3rd server manufacturer

At the same time, Intel recently lost Apple, which decided to switch completely from x86 to its own processors based on the ARM architecture within two years. The ban on trading with Inspur may be even more painful, although in this case there is at least hope that this ban will eventually be lifted. After all, Intel expects this in a relatively short time.

According to the following chart, Inspur is the absolutely clear Chinese leader in the AI ​​server market, leaving Huawei far behind. In terms of position in the global server market, Inspur is not as heavy as Dell or HPE, but still held a decent share of 11.7 percent in the third quarter of the previous year.

Intel has confirmed that stopped supplying Inspur hardware, but added that in about two weeks he wants to resume supplies. The company said in a statement that supplies were cut off so that Intel could make the necessary adjustments to its supply chain, as required by US law.

Last week, the Pentagon ranked Inspur among 20 companies he said are owned or controlled by the Chinese military. A Pentagon spokesman for Bloomberg He said the list was intended to be a useful tool for the US government itself, companies, investors, academia and others. According to some, this list would be rather symbolic and would not really bind anyone to anything, but there were also comments as to whether the US government would eventually ask US companies to stop doing business with the Chinese companies in question.

The action of Intel is convinced that only the symbolic meaning was definitely not given to the list, and now the question is whether Intel can really resume its deliveries, and moreover as quickly as promised. It is possible that Intel will really be affected by this two-week supply disruption for Inspur, or it may be a renewal limited to certain products, such as powerful AI accelerators or highly specialized hardware. But we have to wait for that.

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