INSULIN RESISTANCE: When the cells are hungry and the waist is getting bigger

Basically, this is the inability of the cells to accept a sufficient amount of food, i.e., sugar and send a signal that they are hungry, the person has an increased appetite, the pancreas produces more of this hormone, and again the cells do not get enough food and so on in a circle.

She talked about this increasingly common disorder, especially among women aged 35+ Marina Jablanov with endocrinologist Dr. Slavica Dautović.

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– Insulin is a hormone that is necessary for our body, that is, cells to use the energy we get from food intake. Every food we eat, from crackers to chocolate, our body turns into sugar – glucose, the fuel that gives energy to cells. In order for glucose to enter the cell, the “cell door” must be opened, and the key to that lock is the insulin secreted by the pancreas.

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There is obesity of the peripheral type and it gives women beautiful curves – it is fat that is not in the body but on the outside. However, hyperinsulinism refers to visceral, i.e. internal obesity – so these are people who have thin arms and legs, but have an altered relationship between the waist and hips. Fats are deposited first where they cannot be seen – first of all, in the liver, and then around the internal organs in the abdominal cavity. It’s obesity in thin.

What happens if that key doesn’t unlock the cell door?

– When there is no key, which happens in type 1 diabetes, then insulin must be compensated, so people receive insulin injections. In insulin resistance, in contrast, there is a large amount of insulin, we have the “key”, but it is not adequate. In the body, this large amount of insulin leads to damage to health, and accumulated sugar turns into fat. Some call this condition prediabetes.

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What are the symptoms of this problem?

– Hyperinsulinemia is a dysfunction of the pancreas and it is a condition that does not hurt, and there are no specific complaints that will immediately warn us that something is wrong. In women, disorders of the menstrual cycle and difficulties in conceiving are possible, this creates a problem in achieving in vitro fertilization and is a risk for miscarriage.

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Often people complain of fatigue, weakness, malaise, obesity and the inability to lose weight, despite reducing caloric intake. Changes can be dark and rough skin on the folds, most pronounced on the neck, which is often understood as insufficient hygiene or irritation, further, increased sloppiness, the appearance of acne – pimples.

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What causes hyperinsulinemia?

– We know some causes, while others are still unknown. One of the leading causes is excess body weight due to excessive calorie intake and insufficient physical activity. It takes about twenty minutes every day or 150 minutes a week to have an activity where our breathing speeds up, deepens, and the body sweats. Whether it will be a brisk walk, run, bike ride or hoeing the garden, it doesn’t matter.

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Hyperinsulinemia is often associated with obesity. What activities do you recommend for people with this problem?

– Swimming. It is an extraordinary activity, and the most optimal physical activity, especially for people who are overweight, because there is no load on the joints when swimming.

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Apart from the lack of physical activity, is there any other known cause?

– How we eat is very important. It is important to eat as much as we need. This is an average of about 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day, translated into everyday language – eating regularly, at the most optimal time for us, breakfast around 7-8 hours, lunch around 2 and dinner around 7-8 hours, and that food that would and our grandmother recognized that it was food.

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By that I mean that our grandmothers did not know chips, figs and various similar snacks, which are actually fast and processed food.

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As far as quantity is concerned, the measure for everything is our hand and palm – a piece of bread, a piece of meat should be the size of the palm, fruit, especially ours, as much as can fit in the hand.

People who have the problem of insulin resistance often gain weight only in the waist area. Why is it like that?

– There is obesity of the peripheral type and it gives women beautiful curves – it is fat that is not in the body but on the outside. However, hyperinsulinism refers to visceral, that is, internal obesity – so these are people who have thin arms and legs, but have an altered relationship between the waist and hips.

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Fats are deposited first where they cannot be seen – first of all, in the liver, and then around the internal organs in the abdominal cavity. This is obesity in thin, because in these people the weight can be good, but by analyzing the body composition we see that they have an excess of visceral, that is, that harmful fat.

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It has been observed, in people who have surgically removed peripheral fat deposits (usually liposuction), while not changing their lifestyle, that the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and hyperinsulinism increases, because by removing these peripheral fat deposits, they have disturbed the balance in endocrinologist Dr. Slavica Dautović revealed to us.

Is increased weight a cause or a consequence of hyperinsulinemia?

– Excess body mass is certainly the leading risk factor for hyperinsulinism. On a complex biochemical and molecular level, excess insulin causes the exhaustion of the pancreas, but also the thickening of the ovarian capsule, which results in a disturbed relationship between the secretion of sex hormones, ovulation and cyst formation.

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Is the sense of hunger disturbed here?

– Hunger is one of the first, subjective feelings that people can feel, often it is the so-called wolf hunger – I have to eat now, and most often, something sweet. If the feeling of hunger occurs late in the evening or at night, insulin and blood sugar should be checked.

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In this condition, the amount of insulin is increased and the normal regulatory mechanism that exists in relation to the level of sugar and the level of insulin is lost.

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Who can have this problem first?

– They can have both sexes and all age categories, but insulin resistance is not the same as obesity, because not all obese people have hyperinsulinism. This condition can also occur in people who are normally nourished, but have a high percentage of body fat.

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People over the age of 45, who have a family member with type 2 diabetes, with high blood sugar during pregnancy, who have elevated triglycerides in the blood, women with a waist circumference greater than 88 cm and men with a waist circumference greater than 88 cm are at greater risk. of 102 cm and people who have high blood pressure.

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Also, some drugs can be the cause of insulin resistance, such as corticosteroids, psychiatric drugs and the like. Experiences from the Second World War confirm that excessive starvation can also result in insulin resistance.

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It is very important to say that infants who are born with a lower weight or are smaller are also at an increased risk of developing insulin resistance during life. That is why it is very important, for the sake of prevention, that the parents of these children, after the fourth year of life, must come for a consultation with a children’s endocrinologist.

Is hyperinsulinism related to thyroid problems?

– Hyperinsulinism cannot always be linked to disorders of the thyroid gland, but a disturbed balance of one hormonal axis inevitably leads to disorders of others. Why – often when the function of the thyroid gland is reduced, there is a disorder of cholesterol and an increase in body weight, which results in a slowing down of the metabolism and a disruption of the function of the pancreas.

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How successfully is hyperinsulinemia treated?

– Insulin resistance is a curable disorder if recognized and treated in time. Diagnostic tests are available and relatively simple. In treatment, the key factors are lifestyle changes – proper nutrition and regular physical activity with the use of certain medications and, if necessary, vitamin-mineral supplements such as myo-inositol and vitamin D.

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