Dubai is by no means an ordinary place, we can practically report on a daily basis about things that are only there or are being built that we could not have dreamed of before.

This time, the local unit of the Vox cinema network pulled an extreme: they hired a South Korean chef to prepare the delicacies for the audience. Akira Back has already proven: It has a Michelin-starred restaurant in Seoul.

Exactly what dishes spectators will be able to choose from is still unclear, but the presence of Far Eastern cuisine in the main theaters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is likely to be emphasized. However, some of the catches have already been pictured: a creamy spinach salad is shown below.

Popcorn instead of Michelin-starred menu in the cinema 2

Spectators can enjoy their meals in a space reserved for private guests before the screenings, or receive an order during the film, which will be taken out by a waiter to chairs with a table area. Residents of the United Arab Emirates will have the opportunity to try all this from September at the earliest, but the cinema network will extend the service to the neighboring Gulf countries (Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait) by the end of the year.

Michelin-starred menu in the cinema instead of popcorn 3