Instagram has begun testing stories in fullscreen. Expected to start using soon !!

Instagram Performing test start Stories Full screen Expected to start soon Yes this !!

Instagram May have to adjust the display of content again. When some users have updated UI As forStories New to be able to display in full screen !?

The information was found from a Twitter user named Julian Gamboa He tweeted 2 The picture shows the bar Stories Change to 2 row And full screen Which is normally on the page Stories Ours will only have one row at the top. Use the slider to move the top bar to the left.Right to see Stories Of friends Yes

And in the picture we can see the word See All Stories Which when clicked will show results Stories Is in full screen, also arranged in descending orderWhich here is easy to see Stories More because of having to wait and see Click to show all, then select to see the people who want to see immediately.

Which this feature is currently being tested on some users only Expected Instagram There are plans to release an update soon. Yes This is for general users. 😀

Source : TechCrunch