Information wants iOS 13.5.1 to cause the battery to discharge quickly

Information that recently saw the light of day on the internet wants iOS 13.5.1 to make the iPhone battery lose faster than before charging it. The information comes from iPhone owners who installed it and noticed this change for the worse.

This version of Apple’s operating system has been available since the beginning of June and it has already been reported that this drop in available energy is caused. According to ZD Net, you can go to the Settings menu and then to the Battery and from there see how long the Screen Off activity is recorded. It would be good to see a measurement of less than one hour here.

Alternatively, the holder can tap iPhone on Show Activity next to Activity by app. Here you should not see too much duration in a background activity. Small durations are acceptable, but larger ones indicate a problem. There are several iPhone owners who have noticed an increased heat from the continuous operation of their device, after installing iOS 13.5.1.

Apple is already working on the next update, iOS 13.6, which is expected to be available to the public soon and is expected to fix such problems. Write us a comment below the article, if you own an iPhone and have noticed something similar after installing iOS 13.5.1.