Infighting! Xi Jinping “covers the sky with one hand” has nowhere to go, Zeng Qinghong’s old ministry concealed the epidemic to Cheng Mi!150,000 fewer people in Hubei * Apollo News

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There are 7 pieces of news in this episode: The CCP’s high-level internal fighting has become apparent, publicly propagating Xi Jinping’s “one-handed cover”, and China’s QQ application has been urgently removed. Apollo commentator Wang Duran commented. Jiang Zhigang, the former department of Zeng Qinghong of the Jiang family, was strangely dismissed and his whereabouts became a mystery.

The concealment of the number of dead is revealed! Official data in Hubei has been exposed, and 150,000 elderly people have dropped sharply. The middle class also took to the streets, and the Chinese defended their real estate, fighting regardless of class.

Huawei cannot sell its mobile phones and wants to raise pigs, attracting ridicule from netizens. The CCP steals Korean technology, and Samsung Electronics can’t defend against it. Beijing has purchased nine British defense companies, and the parliament exclaimed the government to stop them.

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Infighting! Xi Jinping’s “covering the sky with one hand” no way QQ application was urgently removed

Netizens found that the idiom “cover the sky with one hand” with the pattern of simplified characters “xi” can be recognized by QQ “drawing red envelopes”. (webpage Screenshot)

Foreign media recently disclosed that senior officials of the Chinese Internet giant Tencent were arrested for suspected involvement in Sun Lijun’s disciplinary case. Recently, a QQ application under China’s Tencent, “Drawing Red Envelope”, was removed from the shelves for allegedly mocking the dictatorship of China’s top leader Xi Jinping. Apollo commentator Wang Duran analyzed that the QQ software belongs to Tencent, and the owner of Tencent is Ma Huateng, and Ma Huateng and Jiang’s relationship have always been very close. QQ software is also not safe.

Tencent’s communication software “QQ” is an application software “Drawing Red Packets”. The gameplay of this APP is to draw a pattern through designated idiom prompts. If the system determines that the drawn pattern meets the requirements, you can get a red packet.

However, according to overseas netizens on Twitter, recently, the “painting red envelope” hints about the idiom “cover the sky with one hand”. According to the original teaching video, if you want to crack the entry, you need to draw a horizontal line first, and then draw 4 dots under the horizontal line, then you can recognize it.

However, some netizens cracked that as long as they drew the simplified character “xi” of “xi”, they could get the red envelope. As soon as the news came out, it caused heated discussion, and the QQ drawing red envelope function was cancelled.

Tencent officially claimed that the delisting was for “optimizing the gameplay experience” and improving functions, but netizens questioned that it was the new year of the Lunar New Year and was the peak period for using this function. This delisting time is intriguing.

Netizens disclosed that even the screenshots of the simplified Chinese character “Xi” cracking “One-handed cover the sky” have been blocked and cannot be disseminated on QQ.

Apollo commentator Wang Duran said that this move by QQ has very obvious political implications. It was clear that it was allowed to pass Tencent’s review. This only shows that Tencent’s internal anti-Xi forces are not only present, but also very bold. The Jiang family has always been close. In addition, QQ has a strong monitoring function, it is best not to use it.

Zeng Qinghong’s former Ministry Jiang Zhigang was strangely dismissed and his whereabouts became a mystery

Zeng Qinghong’s vice-provincial and ministerial-level old ministry and Yinchuan municipal party committee secretary Jiang Zhigang was strangely dismissed, leaving a mystery.

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, Zhang Zhu, former secretary of the Guyuan Municipal Party Committee of Ningxia Autonomous Region, became the secretary of the Yinchuan Municipal Party Committee. He is also the youngest party secretary of the 27 provincial capitals (capitals) in China. Zeng Qinghong’s former secretary of the Yinchuan Municipal Party Committee and Jiang Zhigang was strangely removed from his post, leaving a mystery.

Ningxia Daily released a news on February 8: The Party Committee of the Autonomous Region has decided: Zhang Zhu will serve as a member, standing committee and secretary of the Yinchuan Municipal Party Committee. On January 26, the Chinese Communist Party officially announced that Jiang Zhigang, deputy secretary of the Ningxia Autonomous Region Party Committee and Secretary of the Yinchuan Municipal Party Committee, had recently been transferred from Ningxia.

Jiang Zhigang was once the old ministry of Zeng Qinghong. Jiang Zhigang served in the CCP’s aerospace system for 18 years from 1982 to 2000. From 2001 to 2003, he served as the deputy director of the Fifth Bureau of the Organization Department of the Communist Party of China. At that time, Jiang Zemin’s butler Zeng Qinghong, served as the head of the Central Organization Department. Jiang Zhigang became Zeng Qinghong. Subordinates.

Current political commentator Li Yanming analyzed that Jiang Zhigang is 60 years old. As the deputy secretary of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Party Committee, he has reached the retirement age. The government announced that he was transferred and his qualifications for NPC deputies terminated. However, nearly 20 days later, he The transfer destination has not been announced, which is quite strange. His official career and whether he can land safely remains to be seen.

Concealing disclosure?Hubei official data reveals 150,000 fewer elderly people

After the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan, Hubei Province last year, the CCP has been concealing it. Radio Free Asia quoted the Hubei Provincial Department of Civil Affairs as saying that in the first quarter of 2020, more than 150,000 elderly people in Hubei province suddenly disappeared from the allowance list, and last year the number of cremated remains in the province increased significantly. This means that the number of deaths due to the epidemic last year far exceeded official reports.

Some local scholars and media professionals recently combed the official information of the Hubei Provincial Civil Affairs Department and found that in the first three quarters of last year, there were nearly 410,000 cremated remains in the province. In 2019 and 2018, there were more than 374,000 cremated remains. 360,000 pieces. However, the funeral and interment information has always been regarded as a state secret by the government, and the authenticity of the information is in doubt.

At the same time, the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced that the allowance data for people over 80 years old (75 years old in the Shennongjia Mountains) showed that in the first quarter of last year, as many as 150,000 elderly people in the province suddenly disappeared from the list.

Mr. Zhou, an academic who did not want to be named, pointed out that aging is becoming more and more serious in both the country and Wuhan, and the number of elderly people is increasing every year. However, the data on the allowances for the elderly of the Hubei Civil Affairs Department has fallen precipitously. normal. He also pointed out that this is only a situation involving people over 80 years old, and the detailed statistical information is tightly sealed, and the whole picture of the epidemic is even less known to the outside world.

The middle class has also taken to the streets, and the Chinese are fighting for the defense of real estate regardless of class

Chinese people will not go to the streets for freedom of speech, but when it comes to maintaining real estate, regardless of whether it is a decent middle class or farming farmers, they will be desperate; in the past 2020, people who bought unfinished houses and demolished them reported to the Central News Agency. Share their stories of struggle.

The WeChat public account “People of the Day” at the end of October last year reported on some middle-class people in their 30s and 40s in Beijing. They are good enough in their fields and believe they can match. A better life, so I sold two generations of real estate in exchange for a suburban villa. The price of the villa was about 16 million yuan (about 69.6 million New Taiwan dollars).

Unexpectedly, the construction project was unfinished. These owners continued to lie to their elders and tricked them that the house is still being built. At the same time, they can only extend their renting time outside, and they are under tremendous financial and psychological pressure.

In the report, the person concerned could rationally and restraintly talk about the unfinished experience of the luxury house, but when it comes to the rights protection process, the developers have been threatening and swearing on the phone. The female owners have lost control of their emotions and said: “Everyone is a person with a face and a face. In a good work unit, I never thought that I would experience such a thing in my life.”

At present, some local governments in China still rely heavily on land finance, but the financial risks are also high. The construction projects are pushed one by one, and news about demolitions and unfinished products are constantly emerging. This also means that the long road to defending housing rights will continue. There are new people joining.

Huawei can’t sell mobile phones and wants to raise pigs, attracting ridicule from netizens

Because of Trump’s sanctions, Huawei’s mobile phones lack chips, and Huawei’s main profit machine is damaged. Huawei’s self-rescue plan has recently emerged. The self-rescue plan includes the “smart pig raising” program. The development direction of the breeding industry is digitization, intelligence and unmanned.

According to news from mainland media on the 15th, Duan Aiguo, president of Huawei’s machine vision field, stated in Wei Toutiao that Huawei’s machine vision has launched a “smart pig raising” solution. This pig raising system provides dashboard monitoring, big data analysis, digital management, and AI recognition. , AI learning, AI prediction, AI decision-making, etc., through standardization and programming, full perception monitoring, robot inspection and remote control are also realized.

Not only Huawei’s Ren Zhengfei, NetEase founder Ding Lei, Alibaba founder Jack Ma, and JD founder Liu Qiangdong have all set foot in the pig industry.

As soon as Huawei’s pig raising plan was exposed, it sparked heated discussions among netizens.

Some netizens expressed surprise: “Hunan netizen “HW former HR·” said: “Wisdom makes pigs bigger?” Netizen “Wood of Woods” in Tangshan, Hebei sarcastically said: “Huawei originally mobile phones are not its main business.” Some netizens believe that, Huawei’s entry into the pig industry obviously hopes to save itself through traditional industries. Some netizens said that no matter what they raise, the US government has achieved its goals. It’s just that Hu Xijin said that he would return the United States to the agricultural society. He didn’t expect that Huawei would do it first. His face was slapped.

CCP steals Korean technology, Samsung Electronics can’t defend it

As a powerhouse in the electronics industry, South Korea is one of the main countries where the CCP steals technology, and the well-known company Samsung Electronics is hard to defend. The CCP’s theft of intellectual property rights is no longer a secret. It has tried every means. The United States and Taiwan are all targets of the CCP’s theft.

A few days ago, the Nikkei Shimbun recently quoted a report submitted to the National Assembly by the South Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) as saying that in the past five years as of 2019, 67% of the technology leaks seized by South Korea were leaked to China, and many involved semiconductors, Areas where Korean companies are superior, such as displays and shipbuilding.

Samsung Electronics is South Korea’s largest electronics industry company and has been taking measures to avoid technology outflow to China. For example, when Samsung employees enter a laboratory or factory, they must disable the camera and recording functions of their smartphones; in one of the laboratories, the printing paper is attached with metal foil to prevent employees from printing confidential information. Employees are prohibited from printing confidential information without permission. Take the data out of the laboratory, otherwise the alarm will sound when you leave the building.

After the outbreak, even though the South Korean government required corporate employees to work from home, Samsung still prohibited employees from taking technical documents out of the office.

However, the CCP also uses other methods to obtain information, such as using former and current employees. Engineers from BOE Technology, the largest display manufacturer in mainland China, revealed that between 2015 and 2016, many Samsung engineers moved to BOE. There are currently about 120 Koreans in BOE’s factories and laboratories, including more than 50 former Samsung engineers.

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, 62 patents were filed by Koreans in the name of SMIC. Prior to this, the United States had recognized that SMIC has a Chinese military background. The United States Patent and Trademark Office estimates that there are more than 100 Korean semiconductor engineers working for SMIC.

A major theft occurred at Samsung in 2018. The South Korean Water Prosecutor’s Office sued 11 employees of Samsung’s supplier Toptec, including the company’s chief executive, for leaking Samsung’s OLED folding technology to the CCP.

Beijing has purchased nine British defense companies, and the parliament exclaimed the government to stop

According to the British “Times” report on the 14th, the National Defense Committee of the House of Commons said in a report released on the 14th that the CCP is trying to gain control of a “financially fragile” aerospace company hit by the downturn in civil aviation travel. The Ministry should investigate this.

Looking at China’s compilation report, British MPs warned that aerospace companies that are in trouble due to the pandemic may be snapped up by Beijing, allowing the CCP to obtain the technology of these companies and promote its military construction.

According to the report, nine British companies that provide military equipment and components to the British Ministry of Defense or Allied forces have been acquired by Beijing. These companies include companies that provide spare parts for the Royal Air Force’s F-35B Lightning Stealth Fighter and the A400M “Atlas” transport aircraft, as well as companies engaged in space technology and drone manufacturing.

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