Indian Garment Sector Await China Import Apparel To Become Costlier – Clothes are going to be expensive in the country, the surprising reason came out

new Delhi. Due to tensions between India and China (India China Tensions), people of India will now have to wear expensive clothes. In fact, goods coming from China, making goods are not reaching India. Buttons, metal and sewing machines from China are stuck at the port itself. Due to which people can also see inflation in clothes.

Many tons of goods are stuck at the port
According to Tirupur Exporter Association President Raja Shanmugam, the largest textile making hub in India is in Tirupur, which has up to 90 per cent dependence on fasteners, buttons, sewing machines, needle lapel pins and textile materials coming from China. He said that India’s textile industry is going to be greatly affected. According to him, many tons of goods from China are stuck at the port. By the time this goods reached the industry, a lot of damage would have been done. By the way, the goods coming to China can also be found from Turkey, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand, there are many parts which meet only from China.

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Order Ready Delay
The exporters who produce clothes for foreign brands are getting delayed due to inadequate supply of essential goods. Special buttons, zips and branding tags are imported from China. At the same time, many international brand tags and branding materials come from China. According to the manufacturer Roop Kumar, goods coming from China are quite cheap. China’s textile is also dependent on the country’s textile from small needles to fabric glue. Goods coming from China may be ready in India, but government support is also needed for that.