India has blocked dozens of Chinese applications. They allegedly threaten its sovereignty – Communication – Science and technology

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The conflict between India and China is escalating. India has blocked nearly 60 Chinese applications and online services. Among others, the popular TikTok and WeChat.

The escalating conflict between India and China over territorial disputes in the Ladakh region of Ladakh has already moved into the online environment. The nuclear powers initially exchanged sharp messages, but a few days ago there was a bloody conflict in which dozens of Indian and Chinese soldiers died. It is the bloodiest incident in the region in 45 years on an ambiguous so-called current line of control.

India has tightened and blocked up to 59 Chinese mobile applications, including the viral TikTok and the WeChat communication tool used by hundreds of millions of Indians. Official reasons are concerns about national security and user data. The aim is to “ensure the security and sovereignty of India’s cyberspace,” according to an official statement from the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The applications are said to “damage India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, undermine India’s defenses, state security and public order.”

By blocking the applications, the ministry was to respond to the growing complaints about theft and unauthorized transfer of user data to territories outside India. “The collection of such data, their use by elements threatening India’s national security and defense capabilities. It is a matter of immediate interest, which also brings extraordinary measures, “the ministry said.

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