In the world over 11 million infected, in Miami night curfew

Washington / Zagreb / ​​Moscow – The global number of coronavirus infections reported today exceeded 11 million. The balance sheet represents another sad milestone in the pandemic, which claimed more than half a million lives in six months. About half of those infected recovered. Reuters reported with reference to its calculations. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of cases of coronavirus is more than double the number of serious illnesses reported each year.

Some parts of the United States still report record numbers of new coronavirus infections and increasing hospital occupancy. In Arizona, according to CNN, the number of vacant beds in intensive care units has dropped below one tenth of the total capacity, hospitalizations are also at their maximum in North Carolina, which recorded a record 2,099 positive tests for the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the last day. Authorities and experts are urging Americans to exercise restraint in connection with the upcoming Independence Day celebrations, with Florida’s largest city announcing a night curfew the day before.

People in Miami should not be in public until ten o’clock in the evening and six in the morning until further notice, the Miami-Dade district administration announced today. At the same time, the closure of casinos and other entertainment venues was extended, which was originally scheduled to end today.

The day after the local health ministry reported more than 10,000 newly diagnosed infections for the first time during the covid-19 pandemic, nearly 9,500 more infected infections occurred in Florida. The southeastern state is one of 40 American states where the growth of the number of infections has been accelerating in recent days, writes the AP agency. Health officials and politicians across the United States are warning of Saturday’s celebrations, which are normally accompanied by fireworks, parades and various parties.

Most cities and towns have canceled Independence Day public celebrations due to the new rise of the epidemic, The New York Times (NYT) wrote. But a crowd of several thousand is expected under Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, where carved portraits of four former US presidents are carved, where US President Donald Trump will watch the fireworks tonight (Saturday night CET). Participants will not have to keep their distance or have their faces covered.

South Dakota is one of the few US states where the number of new diseases has remained relatively low for several weeks. This cannot be said of Alabama, which today, like North Carolina, announced a record increase in the balance of infected people. There are approximately five million coronavirus findings in the state of the approximately five million. In Arizona, where the increase in the number of infections was most dramatic in June, 1,520 beds were now occupied in intensive care units, with about half of the cases being patients with covid-19. About 150 free beds were still available in local hospitals.

Although President Trump continues to claim that record increases in U.S. statistics are due to an increasing number of tests being conducted, experts and some government officials see developments in recent weeks as a sign of the epidemic rising. In more than twenty countries, the authorities have suspended the release of quarantine measures or even renewed some restrictions.

The situation is also significantly changing the attitude of some states and politicians to wear veils, which were not very widespread in the US in the spring. Now, according to the media orders already twenty states, in others mandatory compulsory mouth and nose covering is introduced at the local level.

NYT in this regard writes on the “sudden” turn of the Republican Party. “Republican governors and other allies are suddenly trying to spread a different message at a time when the pandemic is hitting their home countries hard,” the daily wrote. Veils are now being promoted by Vice President Mike Pence and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, and President Trump, who said this week, seems to be changing his mind: “I fully support the veils. I think the veils are good.”

Brazil has 1,251 deaths with covid, Mexico a record number of infections

Brazil has seen another 1,251 deaths from the new type of coronavirus and more than 48,000 cases in the last day, the health ministry said. Mexican authorities report 6741 new infections, the highest daily increase ever. The country has surpassed the 10th Iran in the world in the number of confirmed cases, reports Reuters today.

Since the outbreak, Brazil has registered a total of 1,496,858 infected, of whom 61,884 have died. The largest Latin American country with a population of 209 million is the second worst affected country in the world after the United States, after an absolute pandemic.

In Mexico, 238,511 people have been infected since the end of February, when the country’s first cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed. The Mexican Ministry of Health also reported 679 coronavirus-related deaths, for a total of 29,189 patients died in the country after the infection. In this respect, Mexico is in sixth place.

The overall balance of deaths in the country may increase after examining the causes of death, believes Mexican Deputy Health Minister and epidemiologist Hugo López-Gatell. An epidemiologist recently told The Washington Post that deaths in the Mexican capital could be up to three times more than official statistics say.

In Germany, the number of victims of the covid exceeded 9,000

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Germany increased by another 446 per day to 195,674, the number of deaths by nine to 9003. This was announced today by the German Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The increase in the number of infected people again accelerated significantly in Austria. In the last 24 hours, 109 more were added, while on Thursday, 68 new positively tested persons were reported for covid-19.

On Thursday, Germany reported 503 newly confirmed cases of infection as well as nine deaths. Of the Länder, Bavaria, which borders the Czech Republic, now has the most infected, 48,587 and the most victims associated with coronavirus, 2,598.

In Germany, the number of newly infected people per 100,000 inhabitants rose slightly in seven days in the district of Gütersloh in North Rhine-Westphalia, where the Tönnies meat processing plant became a major outbreak. It is now 76.6, but at the peak of local coronavirus spreads it was over 270. In the neighboring district of Warendorf, where quarantine measures were also announced again, the figure fell below the critical threshold of 50 a week ago.

In Austria, where the daily increase in those infected is again above the critical threshold of 100, 787 are currently infected and 16,558 have already recovered and 705 have died. The most infected are now in Vienna (283) and in the federal state of Upper Austria (277), which borders the South Bohemian Region.

In Croatia and Slovenia, the epidemic situation has worsened in recent days and the number of newly confirmed cases of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is rising again. The local media inform about it.

In Croatia, they recorded another 96 newly infected on Thursday, compared to 81 a day earlier. More than half of the cases were confirmed by tests on Wednesday in the Slavonia region in the north-east of the country, HRT reported. Since February 25, when the first outbreak was recorded in a country of about four million people, the authorities have now registered a total of 3,000 infected people. Of these, 112 died and 2168 have recovered.

The areas most affected by the spread of coronavirus include the capital Zagreb and the coastal Split-Dalmatia County in the south of the country.

An increase in the number of newly registered cases of coronavirus infection is also registered in neighboring Slovenia. Authorities there on Thursday reported 21 more infected in the last 24 hours, eight more than the previous day. This is the highest daily increase since April 16, when there were 36 cases. Today, the health authorities announced that 16 people had been newly infected in the past 24 hours, which is also a high number for Slovenia.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in this country, 1,649 coronavirus infections have been registered with two million people. Of these, 111 died in connection with the infection.

Slovenia announced on Thursday that it had reclassified the Czechia, Croatia and France from the category of safe countries to the category of less secure ones. According to government spokesman Jelek Kacin, the measure was taken in connection with the worsening epidemiological situation in these states.

The number of active diseases per 100,000 population in Slovenia is now 5.9. According to the criteria of Slovenian epidemiologists, it is a safe country where the figure does not exceed ten in 14 days. Therefore, in view of the growing daily incidence of the disease, the country is concerned that Slovenia could exceed this threshold in the next two weeks.

In Russia, on the eighth day, the number of newly infected did not exceed 7,000

In Russia, on the eighth day, the number of newly confirmed cases of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 did not exceed 7,000. This is according to today’s data published by the crisis staff, which confirms that daily increases have remained stable recently, while data on coronavirus-related deaths from covid-19 fluctuate.

During Thursday, the number of newly infected people in Russia grew by 6,718 people. On Thursday morning, the staff reported 6760 newly infected, 6556 on Wednesday and 6693 on Tuesday. In total, the authorities have recorded 667,883 people who have become infected since the beginning of the epidemic.

Another 8915 patients successfully completed covid-19 treatment on Thursday, again more than the recorded daily increase in those infected on the same day. There are now a total of 437,893 people recovered in the world’s largest country, with a population of approximately 146 million.

Compared to the previous day, the number of coronavirus deaths increased again on Thursday, fluctuating in recent days. While 216 patients with covid-19 died on Tuesday, 147 died on Wednesday and rose again to 176 on Thursday. 9859 have registered these victims since the beginning of the epidemic in Russia.