In the first press interview after the new corona crisis, Eun-Kyung Jung gave a wish to “go back to life”

Eunkyung Jung Head of Central Defense Response Division (Disease Management Division Head)

Jung Eun-kyung, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in a first media interview, “I want to return to my daily life after the end of Corona 19.”

CBS Radio on the 3rd ‘Kim Hyunjung’s News Show’Appeared on. In an interview conducted by Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon, instead of Kim Hyun-jung, a broadcaster who had been absent from vacation, General Jung said, “I am speaking a lot through briefings.”

He cited the new infectious disease Corona 19 as lack of information, uncertainty, and difficulty in controlling mild and asymptomatic infections as difficulties experienced by current quarantine authorities.

The biggest change in his life since the Corona 19 incident was “The biggest change in mental life is the biggest change in the way that people are not able to do their daily activities properly, such as dealing with infectious diseases and keeping social distance similar to all people.” I said.

He also referred to the so-called “preaching the blinker,” which he said, “most hated,” in a previous briefing, saying that “the people were vaccinated,” and urged strict adherence to personal hygiene and cooperation.

“When we do an investigation, it takes only three days for one person to make a second patient,” said Jung. “If you do not finish the investigation, another person will cause another transmission. It will be necessary to strengthen the efforts to manage inside, etc., harder than it is now.”

In addition to urgent medical staff expansion, the most necessary support in the field of infectious diseases, he said, “It is a great power not only to provide safe facilities and equipment and economic compensation, but also to support and encourage the people.”

“I would like to go back to my daily life,” said Jung, who asked Mayor Park, “What do you want to do best after the Corona 19 crisis?”

He expressed regret, saying, “The people seem to realize how precious their daily lives were, as the people do.”