in Posillipo a place costs 10 euros

A parking space near the beach in Posillipo it costs up to 10 euros, halved rate for those who decide to go to Coroglio: the maximum required is 5 euros. Prices that can drop in some other neighborhood, but in any case never go below 3 euros. Regardless of the type of car, what matters is the location. All abusive, it is clear, and often under threat: the tariffs are those imposed on motorists by thearmy of “two euros to taste”, illegal parking attendants who wasted no time with the reopening of the bathing season and discos and returned to patrol all the places of great turnout.

The carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Naples in less than 24 hours, for the whole day of Friday 17 July, about thirty have been caught: 15 were fined while 11 others, who had already been fined for the same reason previously, were reported. For all, the order to move away from the places where they were surprised to make the guards was triggered.

Those arrested are between 30 and 70 years old, they are all affected and many came from the province of Naples and also from the Caserta hinterland: they had moved to Posillipo for the biggest gain, according to military estimates even several hundred euros a day. The controlled parking attendants were at work all day, manning both the free beaches, the bathing establishments, and the public places, and imposed payment in Piazza Sannazaro, along via Posillipo, the ramps of Sant’Antonio and Coroglio.

In the center of Naples, between the Chiaia Riviera, the Caracciolo promenade and Piazza Vittoria, 5 unauthorized car parkers have been blocked, two of which “specialized” for parking motorcycles only, which also placed on the sidewalk in order to obtain as many places as possible. The controls have also been extended to Pozzuoli, where squatters have concentrated in the area of ​​the seaport, cutting off tourists leaving for the islands.