In Pilsen, they said goodbye to Čišovský, Horváth and Straka also arrived

Updates: 03.07.2020 19:25

Pilsen – Dozens of people in Pilsen came to say goodbye to football player Marián Čišovský, who died on Sunday at the age of 40 after a six-year struggle with incurable amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). In addition to Viktoria’s management and players, there was also former West Bohemian coach Miroslav Koubek, former teammates Pavel Horváth, Martin Fillo and Václav Procházka, and the owner of hockey Pilsen, Martin Straka.

“We thank all those who came to say goodbye to our Marian. We thank you for your condolences and floral gifts that tried to alleviate our grief,” said the widow Martina Čišovská in a statement. “We would like to thank everyone for the quiet memory of Marián. Many thanks to the football club Viktoria Plzeň. At the same time, I would like to ask the media to respect our privacy.”

At the request of the family, journalists did not have access to the ceremonial hall. Due to the exhausted capacity, the fans did not even get inside, so a tarpaulin with a portrait of Čišovský in a Pilsen jersey and the inscription “Forever in our hearts” was placed in front of the hall. Before the ceremony began, people laid flowers on it and lit candles. Another improvised place of reverence was created on Sunday at the stadium in Štruncovy sady in the premises of the fighters’ gate with several photographs and Čišovský’s jerseys.

The Pilsen footballers honored his memory in Sunday’s league duel of the 3rd round of the superstructure group for the title. In the match against Sparta, each player with Victoria had the surname of the former Slovak defender on his back instead of his name tag.

Čišovský came to Pilsen nine years ago from Timişoara, Romania, before which he won three titles in Slovakia. He played 64 matches for Victoria in the league and scored 12 goals. He introduced himself twice with her in the basic group of the Champions League. He also played for the Slovak national team, in whose jersey he scored 15 starts. With a national team under 21, he participated in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Čišovský last played the competition in March 2014. He then underwent knee surgery, after which he still tried to play with the Pilsen junior, but other plans were thwarted by an insidious disease. As an active player, Čišovský and Pilsen won the title in 2013. At the time of other league triumphs, the West Bohemians still led his number 28 on the roster and had his locker in the cabin.

Čišovský fought ALS, which causes degeneration and loss of cells in the central nervous system. Thus, the brain is unable to control most of the muscles and the patient is paralyzed.

“Marian was a great player. Although he played in defense, he played stopper, he scored an awful lot of goals. He was an offensive player and most importantly he was a great fighter. So we will all remember him. He is a huge role model for all of us by learning “It’s a motto that will stay with us here and it’s a motto for everyone who struggles with any disease,” spokesman Viktoria Vaclav Hanzlík told reporters.

He did not rule out that Pilsen would still honor Čišovský in some way. “Now we mainly wanted to support Marian’s family and help prepare for the last farewell. These are things we will definitely return to in the coming days, but now there was not enough room for that. I dare say that we will certainly prepare something in that spirit.” said Hanzlík.