In Kragujevac 65, in Arandjelovac 21 new kovid patient 1Photo: ZSM

Yesterday, in the Sumadija district, 760 people were sampled by PCR method and antigen tests. 108 people tested positive for the kovida-19 virus (14.21 percent of those tested in relation to the number of samples).

The highest number of new patients is 65 in Kragujevac, 21 in Arandjelovac, eight in Topola, six in Knić, five in Batocina, two in Rača and one in Lapovo.

There are 1,111 people in house isolation on the territory of the Šumadija district: 718 in Kragujevac, 167 in Arandjelovac, 72 in Topola, 59 in Batočina, 33 in Knić and 31 each in Rača and Lapovo.

44 patients were hospitalized for treatment with kovid-19 in the University Medical Center Kragujevac, and three of them are on respirators. On the previous day, three patients were discharged from the Crown Treatment from the University Clinical Center in Kragujevac – all from Kragujevac.

The previous day, in the Sumadija district, 70 people received the Chinese vaccine “sinofarm”: 11 (first dose) people who did not schedule through e-government and 23 (second) and 36 and third who did not schedule through the portal.

The American “Phaser” received 77 people: 12 (first dose) people who did not schedule immunization through the portal and 29 (second) and 36 (third) people who scheduled vaccination through e-government.

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