Italy also plans to start vaccinating children aged five to eleven against covid-19 in December. “I hope we can start in December, as soon as the European Medicines Agency issues the authorization,” said the health minister Roberto Speranza in an interview for today‚Äôs issue of the Corriere della Sera newspaper. “In the age group of 12 to 19, 70 percent of children are vaccinated, in the younger age group, they could reach 50 percent,” said Speranza. In doing so, they hope for the help of pediatricians in communicating with families.

Italy is also forecast to step up efforts for a third dose of covid-19 vaccine. Currently, people over the age of 60 are vaccinated with it, and 2.4 million Italians have received it so far. Next week, the government is expected to decide whether the third dose will also be given to people under 60.

Undersecretary of the Italian Ministry of Health Pierpaolo Sileri ruled out the possibility that vaccination against covid-19 in Italy would become mandatory for the general public. For now, it is mandatory for employees in health care and nursing homes. With the daily restrictions for the unvaccinated, however, vaccination is practically becoming mandatory.

From mid-October, the PCT condition (sick, vaccinated, tested) applies to all employees in the country, both in the private and public sectors.