According to the French Ministry of Education, almost 40 per cent of all primary and 25 per cent of secondary school teachers went on strike. School unions estimate that the number was much higher. According to their data, 75 percent of primary school teachers and 60 percent of high school teachers are on strike.

They are angered by ever-changing measures

French President Emmanuel Macron he often boasts in public that, in addition to high vaccination coverage, he has managed to keep schools open by taking measures against the new coronavirus. But the striking teachers disagree with him. They accuse the French government of changing the measures too quickly and of informing teachers inadequately. The latter claim that they often learned about the measures that will be applied in schools from the media. They also accuse the French prime minister Jeana Castexathat, under public pressure, it has oversimplified the coronavirus control measures in place in schools. Earlier this week, Castex announced that the government would release certain measures. Parents no longer need to immediately after a child is tested positive for coronavirus, and testing rules have been relaxed for children at risk.

Teachers called on the Minister of Education to resign

Due to the growing number of infections and the constant change of measures, teachers are prevented from teaching and their health is endangered, the teachers’ union wrote. Snuipp. Teachers on the streets called for the resignation of the Minister of Education Jeana-Michela Blanquerja.

To ease tensions, Prime Minister Castex met with education unions today, and Blanquer also attended.