In Figures of PM Modi, Cost of Free Ration is more 50000 Crores – PMGKY: In the figures of PM Modi, the cost of distributing free rations is 50 thousand crores more.

new Delhi. The Pradhanmantri Garib Kalyan Yojna was announced during the era of Coronavirus Lockdown. Under which it was said to distribute free food grains to the poor and working class people. Now it has been announced to extend this scheme to November. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced its expansion. Under this scheme 80 kg people of the country will be distributed 5 kg of rice and 1 kg of pulses free to their families. It will cost 90 thousand crore rupees to run this scheme till November. If the cost of April to June is also included, then the total cost of sharing the free ration of Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana will reach 1.5 lakh crore. Oddly enough, according to data from the Food and Public Distribution Department, this cost will reach only about one lakh crore rupees. Let us also tell you how?

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Something like math
According to the data of the May Bulletin of the Department of Food and Public Distribution, the total expenditure of this scheme can be reduced by about 50 thousand crores.
– To understand its arithmetic, the Food and Public Distribution Department may have to base the data of May Bultin.
– Suppose 5 kg of food grains are distributed to 80 crore people, then from April to June a total figure of 12 million tons will come out.
– Extending till November, about 2 million tonnes of grain will be required.
– Food Corporation of India will charge Rs 37.27 for buying and distributing one kg of rice in 2020-21.
– For wheat, this amount will be Rs 26.84 per kg.
The 12 million tonnes of grain allocated during April-June included 1.04 crore tonnes of rice and 10 lakh 56 thousand tonnes of wheat.
– The total cost of free food grains reaches around 43 thousand 100 crores.

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If we also add maintenance charge
– These figures do not include the cost of keeping the excess grain in the warehouses.
– Its price in the current financial year is about Rs 5.40 per kg.
According to the data of April 1, the stock of rice and wheat in the central pool was around 7.4 million tonnes and is about 3.5 times the reserve level.
Now after the arrival of new wheat crop, the government has more than 97 million tonnes of grain in stock.
If you add the maintenance charge on the stock of 12 million tonnes of grain, then the additional expenditure will be Rs 6480 crore.
If you add the expenditure of Rs 3900 crores of pulses to 20 crores families, then the government spent at least 40 thousand 500 crores in April-June.
– It is much less than the expenditure figure of 60 thousand crores stated.

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From July to November, it can cost
If you add the government’s expenditure between July and November, then the government gives 2 crore tonnes of food grains to the poor, then the total expenditure on it will be 64 thousand 100 crore.
– Do not take the maintenance charge of Rs 10,800 crore, if you add about 6500 crore rupees for the pulses, then from July to November the total expenditure will not exceed 60 thousand crores.
– It is clear that the total cost of distributing free grains under PMGKVai will be Rs 1 lakh 5 thousand crore.