After an unsuccessful expedition Karl Erjavec with constructive distrust they seek the right direction. A parliamentary group met today. According to unofficial information, they have decided to continue their journey with four deputies who will act as a “moderate opposition”. What exactly this means will be known tomorrow after the party’s executive committee meeting.

If he was Polnarjev departure among supporters Janša the fact has already been carried out by the government, but in recent days there have also been hangings Hamster in Simonovic. Especially the latter, as he did not sign the January proposal of constructive distrust. It was heard that Erjavec allegedly wanted expulsions from the party of those who publicly sided with him. Apparently, they came to an agreement today.

In the coming days, Desus’s deputies must also respond to Janša’s invitation to cooperate with his government, in which the Minister of Agriculture is still working. Jože Podgoršek. Erjavec said last week that they would not sign an agreement with the government, but Simonovic reminded him that deputies are the ones who have the power and the votes.