‘I’m alone,’ Hye-yeon Han, “I have a boyfriend, someone I contact… My wife is my fan.”

Capture MBC’I Live Alone’ © News1

Stylist Han Hye-yeon revealed her thoughts about dating.

In the MBC entertainment program’I Live Alone’, aired on the afternoon of the 3rd, Hye-yeon Han invited an expert teacher home to learn Macau properly.

This teacher focused on the attention of Han Hye-yeon by asking, “Is there anyone you can meet today?” Han Hye-yeon replied bitterly, “I meet only in imagination and I do.”

The teacher said, “I heard that all the people you’ve met before are wonderful.” Then Hye-yeon Han said, “I hope everything goes well. The kids were fine. It should be good. How would they look again if they didn’t?”
In particular, Han Hye-yeon said about her ex-boyfriends, saying, “I lived well with my children like rabbits and my wife like a fox.” Then she confessed, “Even my wife is my fan.” Rainbow members who watched the video were surprised to say, “It’s Hollywood style.” “I think I thought about it a decade ago,” Han Hye-yeon asked, “I want to meet someone like a tree. Just a consistent and inclusive person. I want to be a person who can accept a little of that because I am so fickle.”

Next, “I don’t look very well. I really don’t see it. “The head and the fortress are all planted.” I’ll plant it all. How much does it do?” added laughter.

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