Illegal interest charged at the Pensioners’ Mutual Aid House in Constanţa

Interest rates higher than those brought to the knowledge of the clients, their collection in advance or the collection of some illegal taxes, are the main irregularities discovered by the inspectors from ANPC at the House of Mutual Aid of the Pensioners from Constanţa. Almost 4,000 retirees were fooled.

According to the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC), the control at the House of Mutual Aid for Pensioners in Constanta took place following complaints from pensioners.

The inspectors found several irregularities, including the non-provision of pre-contractual information in the loan agreements, the non-provision of an original copy of the loan agreement at the time of signing the contract, the collection in the loan agreements of a cost entitled “standardized” or non-compliance with the law. regarding the method of calculating the monthly rate.

The inspectors also found the application of illegal interest.

„Incorrect commercial practices prohibited by the provisions of Law no. 363/2007, by collecting higher interest rates than those brought to the attention of consumers and by collecting the amount of interest in advance, in full from the borrowed amount, and the difference in full contribution fund from the borrowed amount, if requested a loan higher than the limit of the contribution fund, amounts of money for which interest was calculated and collected without being made available to consumers “, say the ANPC inspectors.

They ordered the cessation of incorrect commercial practices and the refund of the amounts of money charged in addition, related to the loan contracts in progress and in force starting with 01.01.2020.

At the same time, sanctions amounting to 20,000 lei were applied.

Inspectors determined that at least 3,748 beneficiaries were affected by the illegal practices.

“Regarding the different aspects notified related to the statutory organization of the Constanta Pensioners’ Mutual Aid House, the competent institutions will be notified”, ANPC also informed.

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