If you leave the itchy ‘anus’ unattended, it will thicken.

Causes, symptoms, and solutions for ‘anal pruritus’

[아시아경제 이진경 기자] Has your anus been so itchy that you scratched it secretly or suffered all night long? In fact, even if you are suffering from anal-related diseases, there are many cases where the symptoms worsen when you do not go to the hospital because you are embarrassed and embarrassed to say it. The anus is an organ in our body that plays an important role in defecation. Therefore, if you do not manage your anal health properly, you may experience great difficulties in your daily life due to the pain and discomfort accompanying the disease. Precious anus, why is it itchy? Let’s take a closer look at what causes itching and how to prevent it.

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■ Anus itchy disease. What is ‘anal pruritus’?

Among various diseases related to the anus, the symptom of constant itching of the anus is called ‘anal itch’ or ‘anal pruritus’. Since the symptoms get better after a brief remission of the itching, most people consider this itching to be a temporary phenomenon and ignore the early stages of the disease. However, if you leave this condition for a long time, the skin around the anus becomes thick and swollen, and it gets worse like acute eczema, causing severe pain and discomfort.

If you leave the itchy 'anus' unattended, it will thicken. 湲 蹂肄

■ What is the severity of ‘anal pruritus’, a common disease?

Anal pruritus is a very common symptom that affects about 45% of the world’s population and is reported to be two to four times more common in men than in women. Many nerves are distributed around the anus, so it is a very sensitive area. Any symptom of persistent unpleasant itching and burning in the anus. It itch every now and then, but it is especially severe at night, so I keep scratching without knowing it. Eventually, the skin around the anus bleeds and the skin thickens, causing discoloration. Persistent itching and burning pain intensifies discomfort and anguish, which may accompany mental stress. In the end, normal life is difficult and the treatment period can be quite long, so be careful not to neglect the symptoms.

If you leave the itchy 'anus' unattended, it will thicken. 湲 蹂肄

■ What are the symptoms and characteristics of anal pruritus?

The typical symptom is itching, which is more itching at night than during the day.

– Discharge from around the anus and stickiness in and around the anus

– Sweating makes the itching in the anus worse

– Swelling around the anus due to frequent scratching

– If symptoms persist for a long time, the skin of the anus thickens and turns white

If you leave the itchy 'anus' unattended, it will thicken. 湲 蹂肄

■ Do I have pruritus anal? self-diagnosis

□ It is unbearably itchy around the anus.

□ Itching worsens after having a bowel movement or at night.

□ The skin around the anus has become paler than before.

□ Beyond the bare skin, it is in a state of thickening like leather.

If you leave the itchy 'anus' unattended, it will thicken. 湲 蹂肄

■ Classification of anal pruritus according to the cause

secondary pruritus

Caused by anal diseases such as hemorrhoids, gonorrhea, colitis, etc.

Occurs due to poor anal hygiene

idiopathic pruritus

The cause is not clear, and 70 to 80% of anal pruritus occurs without any specific disease.

If you leave the itchy 'anus' unattended, it will thicken. 湲 蹂肄

■ Do you often see this person?

– overweight, obese

– If you sweat a lot

– If you often wear tight underwear

If you leave the itchy 'anus' unattended, it will thicken. 湲 蹂肄

■ Is it caused by various causes?

Although there are various causes, it is not easy to find the exact cause unless it appears in connection with a specific disease. However, it is said that the cause of pruritus can be identified through the patient’s daily lifestyle and eating habits. Because the anus is difficult to ventilate, if there is too much hair or sweating around the anus, the area around the anus becomes wet easily, which can cause diseases. In addition, it is said that the act of not cleaning after a bowel movement or washing with soap excessively can actually bring about a disease.

If you leave the itchy 'anus' unattended, it will thicken. 湲 蹂肄

■ What is the cause of your life?

– If you sweat a lot or live for a long time in a high-temperature and high-humidity environment

– If you have frequent loose stools due to excessive fluid intake and medications or irritating foods you are taking

– If you enjoy consuming caffeinated beverages such as cola, beer, chocolate, spicy food, coffee, tea, etc.

– If you do not clean the area around the anus after defecation, and the remaining residue irritates the anus

– If the skin is severely irritated by wiping the area around the anus

– In case the intestinal condition is disturbed due to the side effects of antibiotics

– In case of hemorrhoids, intestinal diseases, parasites (pinworm) and fungal infections, and skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, fistula)

– When the scent or ingredients added to toilet paper, detergent, powder, soap, etc. irritate the anus

– If the cause is an allergic reaction to an anal disease treatment such as hemorrhoids, fistulas, or dentition

– When the buttocks are left wet for a long time because sweat does not dry well in tight clothes

If you leave the itchy 'anus' unattended, it will thicken. 湲 蹂肄

■ What is the treatment and solution?

Treatment and treatment for anal pruritus vary depending on the cause. In the case of secondary pruritus, it is said that the itch naturally disappears when the underlying disease is treated. And if the disease is caused by parasites (pinworms), it is possible to sufficiently eradicate them by taking the parasite drug twice. However, in the case of idiopathic pruritus, avoiding substances or foods that can cause itching as much as possible and making changes to your lifestyle and eating habits can help relieve symptoms.

If you leave the itchy 'anus' unattended, it will thicken. 湲 蹂肄

▷ When wiping the anal area, gently rinse with a shower without using soap or detergent.

▷ Use soft tissue paper, wet tissue paper, or baby wipes to treat after defecation.

▷ Always use eco-friendly toilet paper (non-fluorescent, non-bleaching, natural pulp) as much as possible.

If you leave the itchy 'anus' unattended, it will thicken. 湲 蹂肄

■ Is hospital treatment necessary?

Most anal itch can be cured by diet control and lifestyle changes, but if the itch continues for a long time, it must be treated at a specialized hospital. Usually, medication is first treated (using ointment), and if symptoms improve, stop. The condition can be sufficiently improved through such treatment, so do not delay and go to the hospital.

If you leave the itchy 'anus' unattended, it will thicken. 湲 蹂肄

■ How to prevent anal pruritus in daily life?

– Avoid spicy and spicy foods and avoid alcohol

– Do not rub the area around the anus with rough towels when showering

– After showering, be sure to wipe gently with a dry, soft towel.

– Wear loose-fitting, breathable cotton underwear

– Avoid caffeinated foods such as coffee, tea, and chocolate

– Check the condition around the anus frequently and keep it as clean as possible

– After defecation, use a soft tissue or wipe with water to dry

– Do not use non-prescription ointments or creams.

If you leave the itchy 'anus' unattended, it will thicken. 湲 蹂肄

By Lee Jin-kyung, staff reporter [email protected]

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