If necessary, we will have an extension of the alert state

The Minister of Health, Nelu Tataru, declared, following the meeting held this morning at the Government, that in Romania, the coronavirus crisis is under control, but, if the measures are not observed, the alert state could be extended.

The main statements made by the Minister of Health, Nelu Tataru:

If I recommended keeping some rules, I kept noticing that they were less and less respected. Both the medical side and the population tend to maintain only partial restrictions. We have a low number of ATI places in Bucharest. We can handle this number of cases, but let’s maintain those rules of physical distance. It was July 1, there had to be relaxation measures, I postponed them.

Regarding the CCR decisions and the motivation that appeared yesterday, in which it is specified that it needs some clarifications, we are working on a draft law and we ask that all the factors involved be actively involved.

I recommend to the medical body that each patient benefit from explanations regarding quarantine, illness, isolation at home. The isolation recommendation is not just strictly medical. The epidemiological criterion indicates that the 14-day isolation has led us to the results so far. We could see the EU recommendations for isolation and quarantine. That isolation that we have kept and remains basic. Despite everything that can be seen on fake news, it is the basic rule. The 4 days of voluntary isolation at home remain.

We are preparing a legislative project in which we will carefully explain all the provisions of the RCC. Recommendations that do not comply we are able to re-legislate. We need your cooperation. We discuss epidemiologically professionally in the conditions in which this isolation must exist.

We evaluate every increase every day, we evaluate every week. Today, a working group was set up to reopen the restaurants. In the conditions in which it will be possible, we will allow relaxation measures. If necessary, we will have an extension of the alert state.

Worry will be when we have an increasing number from one day to the next. The recommendations are to collaborate in the context of following the rules. He is still wearing a mask. We have a strong community transmission, we have foci in the constitution. It is a situation that must be managed in the first place.