Ideal Standard: wellness design

Designing a bathroom does not only mean functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics but today it is the purest expression of the pleasure of taking care of yourself. This is what it has been doing for over 100 years Ideal Stardard, one of the world’s leading companies in solutions for private and public bathrooms that, in its century of history, has collaborated with the most important brands of modern design to innovate the bathroom world with projects that have influenced the whole sector. Last only in order of time, Palomba Serafini Associati that since 2018 have taken on the creative direction of the brand and with their unique sign they have given new impetus to the ceramic and tapware collections.

Our approach is very simple: quality and intuitive design with an eye to the past, while ensuring the levels of simplicity, purity and elegance that distinguish Ideal Standard and meet the needs of modern society – Roberto Palomba

Mixers are among the 2020 novelties designed by Roberto Palomba and Ludovica Serafini Check e Joy that integrate the Atelier Collections range, the washbasins in the series Ipalyss that are enriched with new colors and Basin, the reinterpretation of a large classic washbasin from 1972. Different solutions that combine perfectly to create an effect total look in the bathroom: just like Atelier Collections, the Ideal Standard range that offers a series of combinations designed to create the ideal combination of ceramic, furniture and taps and thus personalizing the bathroom environment according to one’s style and needs.

The first of these changes is the mixer Check characterized by a square design with flat proportions and a thin, slightly curved handle that underlines its formal lightness. The contemporaneity of its geometric shapes with a mirror finish make it the suitable complement for all modern style bathrooms and a perfect integration for the Conca washbasin by Ideal Standard.

The handle that extends out onto the sink, inspired by the buckle of a Gucci belt from the 1980s, makes it an object that does not go unnoticed, thanks to its square-shaped aesthetic and connected curves. A totemic object, protagonist of the bathroom – Roberto Palomba

Available in a sink, bidet and shower / tub mixer, Check includes (in the sink and bidet version) an ecological aerator of five liters per minute which allows to reduce water consumption. Available already in the chromed version, starting from autumn it will be available in PVD silver storm (brushed nickel), brushed gold (brushed gold), magnetic gray (dark gray, gunmetal) finishes.

Conca basin and cabinet - JOY 2 mixer

Joy is a monolithic object in the design intention, characterized by a great formal lightness that makes it extremely accessible and flexible, to adapt perfectly to all bathroom styles. Joy expresses the neo-essentiality of design – Palomba Serafini e Associati

With these words Serafini and Palomba summarize the qualities of Joy, cylindrical mixer made in one piece with a continuous surface, which makes it particularly easy to clean and hygienic. In its stylistic simplicity, it is an extremely versatile bathroom solution because it can be mounted on square or round ceramics and easily adapts to different environments. Come Check, in the washbasin and bidet version, is equipped with an ecological aerator and is available in the chrome, brushed nickel, brushed gold, dark gray gunmetal versions.

Ipalyss countertop washbasin with tap hole + Connect Air single lever basin mixer Brushed gold + Square mirror with external frame3 copy

Color revolution for the series washbasins Ipalyss of Ideal Standard that light up the shades of a new and elegant palette developed by the Palomba Serafini Associati studio and inspired by the bathrooms of the 60s and 70s when the colors were also protagonists in the ceramic. Pale pink, Glossy Black, Slate, Kashmir, Sage, Pomegranate, Powder and Cement go together with Glossy White and Silk White to offer the possibility of combining the sink with any type of style and material, from wood to stone and marble .

If we look at the past, the language of color is evident in many Ideal Standard projects and has made an essential contribution to their success. Now we are introducing colors that will revolutionize our mental approach to the bathroom, with shades like Mink and Powder that recall not only a color, but real universes – Roberto Palomba

But Ipalyss is not just color: the range is also characterized by its super thin design and extreme durability, two qualities made possible by the Ideal Standard Diamatec® composite ceramic material that gives great resistance even with thin thicknesses. Available in various sizes, different shapes – rectangular, oval and round – and with a large internal capacity of the basin, Ipalyss is the ideal solution both in the home and in sophisticated public environments where aesthetics and durability are the determining factors.

IS_PRESS_©CarloWillamRossi+FabioMureddu00031_crop copia

A great return that of Basin, the Ideal Standard washbasin inspired by the historic line designed in 1972 by Paolo Tilche. Today, thanks to the redesign of Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, the great classic returns with more modern rounded corners and a squared and minimal design in line with contemporary trends, while maintaining its unique and sophisticated character intact. Thanks to the new 50 cm and 120 cm sizes, the installation methods increase, between wall or countertop mounting, and it is easily adapted to residential or commercial projects. The series is completed with Conca furniture with minimal lines and different finishes – wood, lacquered and available with porcelain stoneware tops – and with the Conca freestanding bathtub to be positioned in the center of the room.

We decided to draw on our heritage to conceive a new range of solutions. We have analyzed the intrinsic value of our iconic products of the past to adapt them to today’s society, in terms of aesthetics and functionality – Torsten Türling, CEO of Ideal Standard