I want to slow down my mind and bring it closer to my intentions. I’ve been in a hurry all my life

In order to reach a form of continuous patience, with yourself and with those around you, you also need patience. For those who are in a hurry through life, acquiring this virtue is an extensive, lengthy process that requires presence and exercise. Adrian Teleșpan he is one of these people and believes that patience is something we can only gain, not lose.

Teleșpan started 2021 with friends, having a glass of champagne and playing lime. Hoping that in the year he had just settled, he would learn to be a patient man. It didn’t work out, but it was good as it was. For 2022, he wants to stop taking into account days and hours, to be him at any time.

“We are very used to joining camps instead of becoming a single camp and working together to understand each other. We want so much to be right on an individual level that we lose sight of how cool it would be if we were not right. Then we would all be right. “

Adrian Teleșpan tells about 2021 with wisdom and balance, that’s what I felt reading his answers to our questions. This year, he says he has made it his most important project. Of course, he is not talking about the fact that he pulled a veil over his eyes and I was not interested in anything else, but that he tried to move from the trial area to a non-trial one. And improve their relationships.

How did you start 2021

I started playing cards. More precisely. I was with five other friends in our living room. At 12:00 we took a break, drank champagne and then continued playing cards. We went to sleep around 3:00, as if. From a mental point of view, I started it the same way I spent 2020, oscillating between balance and chaos, but also satisfied that I didn’t eat too much on New Year’s Eve. Since I really like food, the lack of excess has brought me a certain amount of satisfaction. I have no idea what I did on January 1st. Surely I ate and drank water. As for thoughts, I came in with the same shitty thoughts that cause me anxiety as well as beautiful thoughts like “I’m a man like any other, I have good thoughts and bad thoughts and I want to have as many thoughts as possible in 2021 good, without judgment and full of appreciation for others and for me! ” In short, I wish we could love each other right away so we wouldn’t hate each other anymore.

Decisions, instead of resolutions

For me, resolution is not a concept that materializes in something constant. I basically know what I have to improve on myself. Sometimes I succeed, other times I don’t, it’s important to be able to learn something from both successes and failures. In principle, I want to be, every day, a better person or, better said, to exploit more and more how good I am, in fact.

I think that we, as a species, are in a phase of our development in which we ignore how good we are and we have become accustomed to looking at the disadvantages more than the pluses, which is stupid, because we have proved millions of times that we are capable of great and eminently positive things. I could say that I made a decision sooner than proposing a resolution. Don’t get me wrong. Every time I said to myself, “Oh, how I’ve evolved!”

The hopes with which you entered 2021

I was hoping to have patience, to be patient, to integrate my patience into my thinking system. I really need patience with myself. I realized that even with patience you get used to it easily, easily, not all of a sudden as I would have liked. I think patience is something you can only gain, not lose. I say this because patience comes with so many advantages that when you get it you don’t want to lose it anymore and we can say that we only have patience when it becomes a constant and doesn’t disappear at all. I did not reach this point in 2021, I do not propose it for 2022 and I can only propose to have the patience to reach the final patience.

What surprises and riots you experienced

I was pleasantly surprised by “Mr. Robot”. One of the best series I’ve ever seen. I was pleasantly surprised by the people around me. Since one of my mottos is “Anything is possible!”, I like to think that it wouldn’t surprise me if it started raining with hippos. I was outraged by my immature behavior in a few situations where I had all the ingredients to have an advantageous position in those situations.

With the engine running at full speed or idling

My mind tends to walk on wonder where the engines are running at full speed. I have days when my thoughts go like crazy. Sometimes my thoughts sound like this: “Don’t forget to take toilet paper from Mega because I only have one roll left and, alas, what that woman looks like with Irina Margareta Nistor. beautiful!”. That’s why I want to slow down my mind and bring it closer to my intentions. I’m not an engine man. I could even teach a lying course. I’ve been in a hurry all my life. And now I have days when I’m in a hurry to finish all sorts of things to move on to the next ones and so on. I sometimes rush to pee, to finish peeing faster. And that obviously has to do with patience and leads to a positive non-exploitation of the present.

I want to slow down so that I can enjoy more the fact that I am, so that I can enjoy my qualities, so that I can enjoy life. We are used to being in a hurry, and hurry not only spoils the job, but also the attention to the present. Where the hell are we in such a hurry, I don’t know … The only way I’d like to see people in a hurry would be to get to know and recognize themselves, but this recognition can’t be done in a hurry. One of the greatest achievements of 2021 is that I have learned to access this kind of humor from the Universe, like: You have to have a lot of patience to be patient.

Your outstanding projects this year

I was my main project. To move from a trial area to a non-trial area. I have not reached a standstill, but I am satisfied that I recognize my judgments of judgment no matter how much they hide behind values ​​or good intentions. I helped myself a lot with a book, “Course of Miracles”, which is, from my point of view, the most beautiful book of psychology and which I studied diligently every day. So I got an idea of ​​what Forgiveness means and how only Forgiveness can help us be better.

In 2021 I had this revelation which, anyway, was an obvious piece of information: Being angry with someone or me doesn’t help me at all. The upset is fixed. I am very grateful that I understood this. I will be even more grateful when I apply it all the time. So I would say that my other big project was to improve my relationship with people.

Otherwise, I take a writing course, I write for B365 and I have a show at Tanănana. All three of these projects make me very happy, even when I don’t seem to like them.

The trends that annoyed you the most

I can’t say it annoyed me, but I thought a lot about the trend of division. We are very used to joining camps instead of becoming a single camp and working together to understand each other. We want so much to be right on an individual level that we lose sight of how cool it would be if we were not right. Then we would all be right.

New habits and routines

To have more understanding and patience for everything. Sometimes I even think twice before opening my mouth, which gives me a sensational feeling in my process of not rushing. I want to perpetuate and improve these habits. Otherwise I have periods in which I eat sparingly and periods in which I eat like a cow, shorter than two years ago, which is true. I have periods when I smoke out of inertia and periods when I dose my cigarettes. Like everyone else …

What you gave up in 2021

I gave up, but not completely, being too harsh or too permissive with myself. There is still work to be done with this very fine line of common sense.

The worst day

I didn’t have a specific day, but I had days when I was so stupid and when I had some reactions from a 4-year-old child who doesn’t get what he wants.

The happiest time

Days spent with friends. I like to play rummy, to play cards, to cook for the guests, to be the host, to gather the table, to laugh. I laugh alone, but it’s different when you laugh with your friends.

The best news

I rarely read the news and I rarely watch the news at all. I have a friend, an informed computer scientist, who also sends me relevant news. I wrote a news story announcing that my book would be published in Northern Macedonia, and then I read that news. :)) I liked this news.

The most talked about book around you

“Course of Miracles”. It’s human interior design. It brought me very close to God or the Universe and implicitly to people. He brought me closer to joy and gratitude. He approached me. This book explains, using religious concepts that are strictly related to Love, how you can feel good in life and how you can learn Love which is our only natural feeling. He taught me that there is no sin, only mistakes that can be corrected, and that the love of the universe for me does not change if I swear, if I drink too much, or if I have sex with a man. Because Love knows me better than I do, and she knows I’m an exceptional boy. And this report has to do with any human being. He taught me that Love does not need to forgive us humans, because it knows about us that we are children here at school, and an ideal parent does not need to forgive his children, because he understands them.

2021 in social media

I entered Facebook, in general, just to publish the articles I write for B365. Tik Tok I don’t have. On Instagram, I follow friends, pages with cool pictures and naked men. He was quiet on social media for me. Chill.

What bothered you the most in public?

I haven’t had any problems like this coming from outside. It annoyed me that I judged some of the things I saw on social media.

The most important lessons

To enjoy life as it is. To be even more grateful for the music. Let me not forget that we are equal in front of the Universe and unequal in front of the ego.

Dreams and wishes for 2022

Not to mention the year, the date, the time in general to be me. There is a quote in the “Miracle Course” that I particularly like: “Only with endless patience do you get immediate results.” To get used to the thought that, in one way or another, we are also heading for endless patience.

How do you think life will be next year?

Everything is possible. Anything can happen. Maybe Mrs. Șoșoacă will become president and proclaim herself the queen of the country for life. Maybe it will rain with pink polar bears. Perhaps people will unite in the only common noble goal, Love.

The word of 2021 for you

Peace, boss. Let there be peace, for there has been too much war. God help me.

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