“I still have not managed to convince Pedro Sánchez of the tax on large fortunes”

The second vice-president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, has assured this Friday that the General State Budgets will agree with the investiture parties and that, although “specific agreements” can be established with parties such as Citizens, “the parliamentary mathematics is what it is”. Iglesias has maintained that the right has not wanted to reach an agreement in the parliamentary reconstruction commission, in which they have offered “cross-cutting proposals.” And he insisted that he does not renounce the tax on the great fortunes that Unidas Podemos and the PSOE have ruled out in said commission: “Have I managed to convince Pedro of this? Not yet.”

On the turn of the judge in the investigation of the theft of Dina Bousselham’s mobile, the general secretary of Podemos has said that there is an attempt to close all the Villarejo case and that the assumptions implicated in the police “sewers” and in their “media dimension” “go away”.

The second vice president has given an interview to RNE in which he has given as an example the attitude of businessmen towards that of the political right. Iglesias has indicated that the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has “advanced in dismantling the labor reform with social dialogue.” “We have raised the SMI to 950 euros and we have protected wages with the ERTE. All with agreements with unions and employers,” he said.

This same Friday, the Government will seal a new agreement with CCOO, UGT and the CEOE, from whom it has applauded that “they defend the country above ideas.” “For entrepreneurs, we are not the ideal government, but there are more important issues,” he added.

“This is not showing the right,” said Iglesias. “In the reconstruction commission we have made cross-sectional proposals that defend governments of different signs,” he said, to settle: “The strategy of the right has more to do with tension and lies. We would like them to reflect and bring it up the shoulder”.

Pablo Iglesias has also recognized the weakness of Unidas Podemos in the Government due to the difference in parliamentary representation with the PSOE (120 compared to 35 deputies). “We have achieved many things, but not all,” he assured. Expressly asked about taxes, Iglesias has defended that there is an “agreement in the coalition that the fiscal disadvantage must be reduced”, but that they do not agree on how. “We think that the tax on fortunes would be an instrument of efficiency and that this minority would be delighted to put their shoulders to it,” he said. “Have I managed to convince Pedro of this? Not yet,” he acknowledged, to settle: “It is not the first time that we have started from different positions and, in dialogue, we have reached interesting positions.”

Iglesias has also limited parliamentary agreements with Ciudadanos to “specific” issues. “They have acted responsibly, but people should not be deceived. This government is built on the basis of a progressive government agreement that is incompatible with Citizens’ approaches,” he said.

“I believe that the block of the investiture will be that of the Budgets,” he predicted. Iglesias recalled that Ciudadanos “governs with PP and Vox”. “We know their policies of privatization and dismantling of public services. Is an understanding viable? I think not, because parliamentary mathematics is what it is,” he added. “We are not going to give up a single point of the government agreement,” Iglesias has promised. Therefore, he said, “in the end the only possible agreement will be that of the investiture.”

The social vice president has acknowledged that “it will be difficult and complicated” to negotiate the ERC support and that there will be “moments of ups and downs, tension and pressure”. “But ERC voters are progressive. We will find an understanding.” This agreement “will involve talking about many things”, although it has not specified what it refers to. The dialogue, he said, will be “with Bildu too. And with the PNV, which is a conservative party.”

Close the ‘Villarejo case’

A large part of the interview questions have been related to the judicial piece that investigates the theft of the cell phone of a former collaborator of Iglesias in 2015 and its subsequent appearance of a copy of its entire content on one of the computers of former Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, multi-investigated by the National Court in the framework of the Tandem macrocause. Part of the content of said mobile was published in different media.

Iglesias has responded to the turn of the investigation given by the judge, who has removed Iglesias from the status of “injured” and has begun inquiries to determine his role in disabling one of the copies of the content, which was given to him by the president of Group Z.

Iglesias has rejected that it was Busselham herself who sent the content of the mobile, as the judge has hinted since, he recalled, among the content intervened to Villarejo there were “intimate photos” of him and that said images “have been in The world, in OkDiary, The confidential and they have had members of the patriotic police“.

“They were looking for a crime and they did not find it. They tried a sexual scandal and they did not get Interviú to publish the photographs,” he said. “It is evident who is harmed. We have a police structure that has dedicated itself to lying about Podemos, to accusing us of illegal financing and of all kinds of crimes without further significance, but which translated into hours of television and radio to harm us and that did not we came to the Government, “he added. Iglesias has denied that he can be charged: “I do not conceive that possibility. The world would be turned upside down. But what is this? His mobile is stolen, copies are distributed, what comes out of the mobile is used against United We Can and now we are accused? “

“We are facing a new attempt to weaken the Government, to remove United Podemos creating an environment that we are all seeing,” he said of the publication of information that accuses the prosecutor of the case of collusion with the particular accusation that Podemos represents.

“Some pretend to say that Villarejo is an invention of Podemos”, he maintained, adding that “it seems that some want Villarejo, Inda, Fuentes Gago and Pino to go off their feet.”

Iglesias has agreed to go to Congress to give explanations, as Vox has requested. But within the framework of a commission of inquiry “in which everyone can ask all questions” and to which they go “Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, Villarejo, Fernández Díaz, Pino, Fuentes Gago, Zoido and Rajoy, who was president when his government set up the sewers. Inda and those who lied. “

Is the president worried ?, they have asked him “He does not have the slightest concern beyond the media dimension,” he replied. Has he shown you his support? They have questioned him. “It would only be missing,” he said. In another interview this Thursday, Pedro Sánchez maintained that there is “a campaign of harassment and demolition” against the Executive.