“I just always had liberal views.”

Florin Oancea, the mayor of Deva, announced on his personal Facebook page that Traian Berbeceanu joined the National Liberal Party.

“I had the great pleasure and honor to receive today in the PNL Deva team two special people, two friends: Traian Berbeceanu and Marius Blendea. I am convinced that most of you already know them, so the presentation will be short. Traian Berbeceanu is 52. He currently holds the position of Chief of Staff to Interior Minister Marcel Vela, a man in the service of the law, and his name is linked to spectacular actions to combat organized crime. was named “Policeman of the Year” in the category of Fighting Organized Crime “, wrote the mayor Oancea in the message on Facebook.

Traian Berbeceanu declared for Ziare.com that he does not want to hold a leadership position at the party level nor to run for a public position.

“I simply always had liberal views. It seemed like a good time to join the party now because since I have been working at the Ministry I have had the chance to meet prominent personalities from PNL, people I consider valuable and well-intentioned.” said Traian Berbeceanu.