I had to evict her from the house – different

After 12 years of relationship, Giannis Markou and Julia Nova decided to tie the knot in their relationship and take separate paths.

On Monday morning, Julia Nova spoke to the camera of the show “Happy Day” about this separation, emphasizing, among other things: “I had been complaining to him for so many years and he obviously didn’t listen to meAnd. When a man is so late in making a proposal to a girl, when you tell him I want to start a family and you see that he is hesitant. He might have told me, “I’m not going to marry you the way you are.”

At noon of the same day, Giannis Markou gave his own answer to what she said Julia Nova through the show “Noon with George Liagas” by SKAI.

“The truth is that it was a relationship that started with a lot of love. Everyone has their own view of life. I know that women usually have marriage and children in mind. I am something I have done, I know how it is. I have three children. Of course, when you match a person, it usually ends somewhere. At this stage, it was her initiative to end the marriage. I hadn’t objected, I just hadn’t made the proposal the way he wanted it, as he describes it. I don’t have that style and I wouldn’t do it for any reason, “said the businessman.

Asked about the couple’s quarrels, Giannis Markou replied: “Julia says things that happened when we were fighting and when you fight and you are tense, you say things that may be true but are not 100% true. We were fighting because we were both right, each one his own. “

How he feels after a month of being pulled separate roads; “We have said to stay friends and I have a lot of respect for friendship and I want to be friends with Julia, I don’t want to be an enemy. I hope she’s doing well in her life. “

Asked about the rumors that there was a third person who broke into their relationship, he said: “I was not bothered by the relationship with the man, I was bothered that the man was ahead of me. When you have a relationship, you are obliged to state in your relationship what you want to do and discuss it and if your relationship agrees to do so. You can’t go back straight from one day to the next and do things and throw your relationship out and say “if you want to follow”.

He added: “I have learned to respect and be respected. In the last few days I have felt that something has broken and he prefers this company to me. So I had to kick her out of the house. She left the relationship, but I kicked her out of the house. “

Finally, Giannis Markou concluded: “I felt a little hard about everything that happened, when you betray something, the betrayal is so severe that it is unforgivable. I feel betrayed 100%. At first I missed it. Now that 20 days have passed, I am much better. “