I-Bnat selected as a’female friendly company’ in Chungju city in 2020

In commemoration of the selection of a women-friendly company, women workers at the Chungju factory in I-Bae Stream are taking a commemorative photo with officials from Chungju City who participated in the signing ceremony. [사진=아이배냇]<여성친화기업 선정을 기념해 현판식에 참여한 충주시 관계자들과 함께 아이배냇 충주공장 여성근로자들이 기념사진을 촬영하고 있다. [사진=아이배냇]&gt

I-Bat was selected as a women-friendly company in 2020 by Chungju City (Market Cho Gil-hyung) and held a signing ceremony at the Chungju factory at 3 pm on the 3rd.

The women-friendly company certification and support project in Chungju-si is a system that certifies companies that strive to improve the working environment of female workers, such as creating a female-friendly organizational culture and operating a system to balance work and family. This year, a certified company was selected through the first screening according to the certification criteria of 20 items in three fields and the second review by the Council for Women-Friendly Cities in Chungju City.

In addition to the high proportion of female workers in regular labor, i-Bat received a high score in nurturing female talent, reducing the working hours of pregnant workers, and operating a maternity leave leave system.

Following the selection of a female-friendly company, i-Bat was provided with support for recruitment of female workers through the women’s rest area, nursing room, and restroom environment improvement costs of 10 million won, female recruitment center linkage, and corporate promotion of the city’s website.

Selected as a female-friendly company for i-Sabung.  Cho Gil-hyung, Mayor of Chungju (second on the right), CEO of Byeonggwan-gwan i-baet (second on the left), Kim Ja-young, executive director of i-baat (first on the left), and Tae-yong Oh, director of the i-baat Chungju factory (first on the right) [사진=아이배냇]<아이배냇 여성친화기업 선정 현판식 모습. 조길형 충주시장(오른쪽 두번째), 민병관 아이배냇 대표(왼쪽 두번째), 김자영 아이배냇 상무(왼쪽 첫번째), 오태용 아이배냇 충주공장 이사(오른쪽 첫번째) [사진=아이배냇]&gt

At the ceremony held at the Chungju factory at 3 pm on the day, the CEO of Byung-Kwan Min of Ai-Bae-tung, Executive Director of Kim Ja-young and Mayor Cho Gil-hyung attended the ceremony. Subsequently, attendees held a round-table conference with female workers at the Aibae Stream Chungju Plant and shared various opinions necessary to improve the female-friendly working environment.

Cho Gil-hyung, mayor of Chungju, said, “Our city is a women-friendly city, and it has begun certifying and supporting women-friendly companies to increase women’s participation in social and economic activities. “We plan to discover and support businesses that citizens want in order to create a city where women can live and even families that are happy.”

“I will continue to make efforts to establish a corporate culture in which work and family are balanced, by increasing the participation rate of women in economic activities, improving women’s employment conditions and awareness,” said Byung-Kwan Min, CEO of I-Bae-Tang. “We will act as a company that leads value creation.”

On the other hand, i-Bat is providing infant formula and baby food to children from underprivileged in Chungju City from May 2018 to present. In recognition of these community contribution activities, the company was selected as a ‘2019 Community Contribution Recognition Company’ by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Korea Social Welfare Council in December last year, and continues to participate in sharing management to fulfill its social responsibilities and obligations.

By Kim Kwang-hoe, reporter [email protected]