Hyundai Venue N, the smallest of sporting SUVs could be like this

Here the Hyundai Venue is practically unknown because it is sold only in South Korea, India, Australia and the United States.

Just our colleagues from USA were so impressed with the design and qualities of the more compact Hyundai SUV that they even imagined a new sporty version, the Venue N that you see anticipated by ours exclusive rendering.
At the moment there are no confirmations on the arrival of this new “N”, but you know, dreaming is always lawful!

It starts from an already gritty look

Smaller than the Kona and in some markets also of Crete, the Hyundai Venue is just 4.04 meters long and despite its small size it already has a modern and gritty look. To make a comparison with small European SUVs you can think of an even more compact Volkswagen T-Cross.

Our American colleagues then instructed the graphics processing specialist to add a little more sportiness to the future Hyundai Venue N, obtaining a very interesting result that anticipates the “bad” version of the mini SUV.

From the outside, it’s a question of style, set-up and brakes

The aesthetic changes made to the next (but not certain) Hyundai Venue N concern in particular the addition of one front spoiler increased, of lowered and massive lateral strips and of a diffuser in the queue that adds aggression to the image of Venue.

Hyundai Venue N, il rendering

Added to this is the elimination of any external chrome plating and the addition of red finishes, with a slightly lowered trim and the typical color metallic blue of the Hyundai “N” (see for example the test of the i30 N).

A large braking system enhanced with can be seen through the large black alloy wheels red pliers, a fundamental element to tame the additional power and to distinguish it from the N Line aesthetic set-up that is already ready for the debut.

With the 2.0 turbo it reaches 250 HP

Under the hood of the hypothesized Hyundai Venue N you can imagine the presence of the engine 2.0 turbo petrol four cylinder from 250 CV, just that of the i30 N and the American Veloster N.

Assuming the use of this powerful “two thousand” there would be a significant leap forward compared to the current 123 bhp 1.6 which represents the top of the power for the current Venue. The gearbox could be the 6-speed manual or the brand new 8-speed DCT double clutch.
In short, almost a Korean response to the Volkswagen T-Roc R which, however, reaches 300 HP.