How well does Rabbi Juhász know about his own career?

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 1:27 PM

Spoiler: enough. In the match against Ferencváros, the excellence of MOL Fehérvár says goodbye to its twenty-year career, with whom we did an unusual test of ourselves.

It’s a sad day (or not so much?) And we’re sure there will be quite a few tears in the MOL Arena today, but we’re trying to see Roland Juhász’s retreat as if we’re getting ready for a holiday.

In fact, we don’t even have a hard time, as there is plenty to celebrate. Roli has to retire early, not because of an injury, but at the age of 36 so that she didn’t have much of a dream left that she wouldn’t have fulfilled on the football field. Among other things, we asked about these in the unusual quiz, in which we also talked about some of our favorites.