How to use bitter salt in the household

Bitter or epsom salt is very healthy and can be used in many different ways. It is very rich in magnesium and that is why you get it as soon as possible.

Wellness mom she revealed to us how she uses bitter salt in her household, and we are sure that you will try many of these ideas and tips and that they will come in handy.


1. To enrich your relaxing bath with magnesium, put a cup of bitter salt in warm water and soak for about 20 minutes.

2. If the flounder got stuck in your finger, it will be easier to pull it out if you soak your finger in the water in which you put the bitter salt.

3. With an exfoliation made from bitter salt, you can soften the skin on cracked heels.

4. To make your vegetables grow better in your garden, mix the soil with bitter salt. This advice is especially effective when growing tomatoes.

5. You can add a pinch of this salt to your standard facial cleanser for an even better effect.

6. Mix equal parts of bitter salt and liquid soap, and if you rub the tiles and joints with that mixture, you will restore their old shine.

7. If you have muscle pain, take a warm bath to which you will add two cups of bitter salt.

8. Water the houseplants with water to which you have added a few tablespoons of bitter salt.

9. To make the children sleep better in the evening bath, put a little epsom salt on them.

10. To relieve occasional constipation, dissolve a tablespoon of bitter salt in water. But consult a doctor before use.

11. Melt a spoonful of bitter salt in half a glass of water, and spray the areas on the itchy skin or insect bites with this mixture. In the same way you can treat mild sunburns.

Bitter salt is of great importance for plant growth and soil preparation, and read more about it in the article “Bitter salt in gardening – for healthier plants”.