How to organize an anniversary with the Event Organization Agencies

NoSilence Events is an event organization company that has been offering its customers a series of services and installations for public and private events for 16 years. The organization of an event starts from a very simple assumption: there are no problems but opportunities. Wanting to be more concrete in the explanation, we accompany our customers from the moment of the design of the first idea to the last second of the disassembly. All this is done for a very simple reason: each event must be controlled and looked after in the best way, leaving the end customer with the taste of having enjoyed it without too much stress. Among the services we guarantee we can focus initially on the field of technical and technological services.

Among the main technical materials that we offer to our customers, it ranges between the stages, the platforms, the aluminum trusses, the exhibition panels. the common thread is the presence of speakers or artists who must have maximum visibility. The modularity combined with a great resistance and an absolutely practicable weight make these modules an essential partner in many of our past and future events. The aluminum truss is the “travel companion” of the aforementioned modules, in fact they are often mounted parallel to the stage area to support lights and amplification systems.

Technological service

These last two services contain two macro categories of technological service. The lighting service in an event represents a real trump card with regards to both functionality and aesthetic beauty. Functionality is perfectly represented by the first order materials used that follow innovation and renewal, the only way to keep up with the ultra-fast progress of the technological world.

The audio service is equally important and also here it is taken care of in the smallest details both as regards the choice of machines of absolute value and for the technical staff placed to manage them. The functioning of all the factors just mentioned and however linked to something that is not very technical and not very technological: the experience gained in the field from event agencies. Only through the attention paid to every little detail, can we succeed in what is our main goal: customer satisfaction and our fun in working.