How to drive at the Kulata border crossing: MFA details

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces that traffic has flowed at the Kulata border crossing, the only one open at the border between Bulgaria and Greece.

“In accordance with official information provided by the Greek authorities, the only border point between Bulgaria and the Hellenic Republic open to road traffic for tourists at the moment is Kulata-Promachonas. According to the same sources, the Makaza border crossing is only open for special situations / essential journeys and special / priority transport. The Greek authorities also mentioned that limiting the access of tourists by road through a single border crossing point is explained by the fact that the Kulata-Promachonas border crossing point is the only one equipped with the technical infrastructure to scan the forms required to enter Greece. The MFA recalls that the exit from the territory of the Hellenic Republic can still be carried out at present through the land border points – Promachonas (Serres) – Kulata (Bulgaria); Nymfeia (Komotini) – Makaza (Bulgaria); Evzoni (Kilkis) – Bogoroditsa (Northern Macedonia), with the mention that the last two border points can be closed at any time, without notice “, the MFA states in a press release.

How to get to the Kulata – Promachonas border crossing between Bulgaria and Greece

According to the quoted source, the Greek authorities are still taking steps to streamline traffic and reduce waiting times at the border.

“At the same time, the representatives of the Romanian diplomatic missions in Athens and Sofia, as well as those of the Romanian Consulate General in Thessaloniki are in constant dialogue with the Greek authorities in this regard. As yesterday, (Thursday – no.) The consul of the Romanian Embassy in Sofia and a consul from the consular office in Thessaloniki are at the border to ensure that Romanian citizens receive consular assistance, if necessary. From the information received from them, on the spot, at 14.00, the traffic was fluid, without congestion, the border crossing procedures taking place in a very short time “, adds the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also mentions that the competent Greek authorities may change the conditions of entry into the national territory without notice, depending on the number of new COVID-19 cases that will be registered along the way.

After July 1, when an online form for access to Greece was made mandatory, and Greek authorities decided to close five border crossing points, huge queues formed at Kulata, the only crossing point to Greece. remained functional.