How to create a successful startup in Estonia?

Co-founder of the OBJEKT startup hub and Prototron program manager Yana Budkovskaya Photo: Private archive

Yana Budkovskaya, co-founder of the OBJEKT startup hub and Prototron program manager, described how the startup ecosystem in Estonia works and what new entrepreneurs should do to attract the attention of investors, find useful contacts and get the most support from structures that help startups.

Listen to this podcast:

– What is a startup? Where is the line between traditional business and startups?

– Where to look for help, useful contacts and financing, if you have an idea for a startup?

– In what events and competitions can startups participate in Estonia?

– What startup incubators and accelerators exist in our country?

– Where are angelic and venture investors “found”?

A series of podcasts about the start-up industry in Estonia is supported by the startup hub Objekt and the Startup Estonia program.