How to choose the right laptop? With the Lenovo Laptop Guide Wizard!

Perhaps one of the most “eternal” problems that all users face at some point in their lives is how to choose their new laptop. Of course, there are the “wanted” who know exactly what they want in advance, but they are the ones who usually become the recipients of the questions of the rest: “Will you find me a laptop?”, “What processor does it have?”, “How much memory?”, “What is SSD?“… questions we hear almost every day. That’s why the Lenovo create a very useful online utility that does this job, automatically! It’s the Lenovo Laptop Guide Wizard!

Starting the Wizard, answer a few very simple questions. You are University student; You are content creator on YouTube / Instagram? You are gamer; You want to run simple office applications? And then, the budget which is always the most important question before we start looking for a new laptop. With a few clicks you answer the questions and the Lenovo Wizard will bring you the model or models it suggests for you, based on your needs!

The wizard is very simple and will guide you step by step, no matter how beginner you are.

1. First select the profile that suits you.

2. We selected Content Creator and, as a result, the wizard gave us the options that fit our profile.

3. We chose a model with “High performance without delays, but also without exaggeration” and gave us the following option.

4. However, you can also select the “Custom” option to be offered a model based on your personalized profile.

Could you think of a simpler way to choose your next laptop? And of course with her Lenovo warranty, which offers you the widest possible variety of solutions for every requirement and for everyone: From the most beginner to the most experienced computer user.

Get in and do everything with a few clicks!