How to celebrate New Year in the Eternal City of Rome

The New Year has always been a time to celebrate together and join together, waiting eagerly for the stroke of midnight to enter the new year. There are many ways to celebrate, but in our country surely those who are the masters and the New Year’s Eve dinner.

The Italian culinary tradition is without a doubt among the most complete, both for the quantity of dishes available and above all for the very high quality of the preparations in question. One of the traditional dishes that resists the passage of time and new trends is certainly the dear and old cotechino with lentils.

New Year’s Eve, a moment of sharing

The pig has always represented a symbol of opulence, wealth and well-being, while lentil is linked to an ancient tradition in which it symbolizes profit and luck in business. In addition, of course, to the many delicacies that are served on the tables of our country on the evening of December 31, the New Year represents a great moment as regards the power to find affections and friendships that during the frenzy of the current year we rarely enjoy. Precisely in this regard, over the years the habit of meeting together in houses, whether these are town or country houses or in the mountains, has persisted.

Especially the latter option, it is the most popular to enjoy a few days at the turn of the year. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in a beautiful mountain house, with loved ones and friends, perhaps enjoying a nice evening in front of the fireplace. Musical entertainment on New Year’s Eve is certainly as important as choosing a good menu. The versatility and variety of songs that can accompany New Year’s Eve is certainly very wide. But without a doubt the vein of the revival of the 70s and 80s plays the lion’s share in almost all the playlists of the December 31 holidays.

The great American dance artists of the time combined with the large groups that climbed the charts in Italy: these two musical areas undoubtedly cover most of the choices for music on New Year’s Eve. Live music entertainment is actually waning in the face of the appeal of technological convenience. A tiny device can hold hours and hours of live performances, perfect soundtrack to let yourself go until the light of dawn of the new year the new year therefore remains one of the most awaited evenings of the year, representing a perfect point of union between our experiences past and our future projects.

A highly popular alternative I remain the trips to the cities of art. Among the most popular there is always the Rome New Year, where between art and history you can immerse yourself in a truly magical atmosphere.

In short, many possibilities to be able to take the photo for the arrival of the new year.