How much does a vacation by car cost depending on the destination?

July is the favorite of Romanians for going on summer vacation, and their favorite destinations are already waiting for them with tempting offers. Here’s how much a vacation by car costs depending on the destination.

The favorite destinations of Romanians are, in addition to Prahova Valley or the Romanian coast, the resorts in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Montenegro or Croatia. Fortunately, all these receive tourists from Romania during this period, so that their favorite holiday destinations are only a short drive away.

Holiday 2020: How much does a car holiday cost depending on the destination?

In July, a car holiday in Greece starts at 349 euros for two people and reaches 795 euros for a week. Tourism experts say there is a high demand for accommodation
studio type in Greece. Also, a holiday with individual transport in Bulgaria starts from 74 euro / person to all-inclusive. In Greece, the price starts at 349 euros and reaches up to 795 euros for two people.

“Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Austria, let’s say they are summer destinations where we can reach this summer by car. Greece and Bulgaria are the most common “, says Gabriela Peset, tourism consultant.

The problem is that Greece operates a single border crossing point in Bulgaria, at Kulata – Promachonas, and during busy periods there are queues of cars. The situation seems to have simplified in recent days, after the intervention of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tourists traveling to Greece should know that they must complete a form 48 hours before entering Greek territory.

What are the prices in Romania?

In Romania, you will pay between 18 and 72 euros per night of accommodation for two people. For two adults with two children, the budget will reach 206 euros for a three-day holiday in the country. At the agritourism pensions one night accommodation reaches 31 euros for two people. On the Romanian coast, the price exceeds 72 euros / night for two people at 5-star hotels.

Romanians prefer to travel by car to holiday destinations because it is convenient and they can carry with them all the things they need on vacation. Traveling by car is also preferred because you can plan your itinerary and stops, as well as the places you can visit on the route. Basically, you have absolute freedom in setting the holiday schedule. For this reason, Romanians use the car not only for holiday destinations in the vicinity of the country, but also to reach the most distant, such as Italy, Turkey or Croatia.