How dreams come true – LUXURYMAG

Passion for design, stunning colors, precision craftsmanship and a pinch Roman extravagance: this is the way dreams come true Bvlgari.

Enter the world of Bvlgari and be surprised. In the run-up to Christmas this year, the brand invites you on a magical journey, where you will find out for yourself how dreams come true for this Roman jewelry brand.

The beauty of Rome

The bold, inspiring beauty of Rome. Joyful colors of gems that everyone will turn around. Italian design without borders and with a clear vision. Experienced hands of top craftsmen. And above all, the touch of an incomparably extravagant style – a madly intense love of life, thanks to which everything Bvlgari creates is a distinctive original.

Originality in the first place

This is the secret of the creativity of this traditional Roman jewelry brand. And because there are countless traditions and customs that bring a lot of joy and excitement to the holiday season, a magical Christmas campaign takes us behind the scenes, where Bvlgari fulfills every dream.

Visions with everything

From the first features of the design, through inventive and perfect craftsmanship, to interesting and luxurious packaging – every piece of Bvlgari has a story and a vision, it is full of enthusiasm, excitement and traditional know-how. And of course full of joy!

The seventh art

Bvlgari is celebrating his eternal love affair again “The Seventh Art”, which began when Hollywood film productions moved to the so-called “Roman dream factory” – Cinecittà Studios. The most beautiful women in the world naturally fell in love with the way of life in the city, while the Bvlgari brand took on a new role – the one who fulfills dreams. to enter the world of Bvlgari is like watching a movie: you will also find a lot of fireworks and special effects at Bvlgari. 330 shop windows their boutiques around the world.

While the light bulbs framing the iconic costume mirrors illuminate the exhibited products, the panels in shades inspired by gems show off a geometric pattern that evokes the dance of spotlights on the red carpet. Do you want to dream? Just shake one of the snowballs, which you will find among the gems. Inside each of them hides a miniature of an object typical of the world of film or Rome – a director’s chair, an iconic eight-pointed star up to the magical Condotti Palace. They are like portals through which one enters a magnificent dream world.

A Midwinter Night Dream – a winter fairy tale

The digital campaign deals with the dream world, where it is celebrated and celebrated. Yes, it’s all about dreams. Surely you have some too. The dream and dreaming campaign is like a magical invitation to the backstage of this Roman brand’s preparations for this year’s holidays and a call to indulge in pure fun. Enjoy the moment. Unleash your Bvlgari-style imagination.

And so for you, the Bvlgari Palace is transformed into a world where everything is possible. The typical Roman love of life permeates the spirit of the holidays, the evenings of unfettered celebrations, when people are open to everything that is unexpected. It is a time that directly calls for us to go beyond ordinary experiences.

Everything that glitters

In support of the Christmas campaign, Bvlgari will present spectacular LED light installations in its flagship stores around the world. The huge glowing Serpenti snake will return to Tokyo, where it will rewind the Tokyo Ginza Tower as an interactive installation that can be changed using the app.

The distant glowing statue of the Serpenti wraps around the London boutique Bvlgari on New Bond Street and lends a diamond luster to one of the most amazing places in the city. Last but not least, the ION department store in Singapore will light up the free-standing Serpenti installation with its cheerful play of lights.

Photo source: Bvlgari