How do you like this Ferrari? Because it’s actually a Toyota… – VIDEO – Car-Engine

How many Fiat can be seen even at home, in Hungary, with a Ferrari sticker, which, according to the owner of the car, adds at least a hundred horsepower to the performance of your car. However, there are those who go a little further than this…

This car looks like a Ferrari 360 Spider at first glance and we’ll be honest, even for a second.

However, if we look under the ferraris hood, it turns out that a Toyota MR2 is really just dressed in a “Ferrari fur coat”.

On the other hand, it has to be left to do quite well, because as you can see from the video, the car looks like a 360 from the outside and inside, but instead of Ferrari’s 3.6-liter, V8, 400-horsepower engine, Toyota is much better. powered by a more modest 1.8, 138-horsepower engine.

By the way, the car was now on sale, although it probably convinced someone else, because as soon as it was listed on a German used car site, it was immediately taken away for almost 10 million forints.