How do BILLBOARDS react to you?

Outdoor advertisements EFFECTIVE even in the digital age: How do BILLBOARDS react to you?

In the era of digital media expansion, the question arises as to how effective outdoor advertisements, i.e. billboards, are as means of advertising, as well as how much they attract people’s attention.

Despite the fact that digital has taken off in today’s world, where people spend a lot of time online where they are “bombarded” with numerous contents, outdoor advertisements really have an effect on them.

Humans have been reacting to perceptual stimuli in the environment around them since ancient times. Things have not changed there, because man is a “perceptive animal”. Our brain sees the world by focusing on the unexpected, on changes in the environment.

As the sales director from the company explained “Alma Quattro” Bojana Novaković for BIZLife, it is easier for people to “absorb” some messages through pictorial representations.

“By means of billboards, that is images, every passer-by can instantly familiarize himself with a product or service. Even if the billboard is located near the point of sale, it can immediately act actively, i.e. to buy the advertised product. In this way, billboards have the function of calling to action,” said Bojana Novaković.

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What does the effectiveness of advertising depend on?

The type of media, or carrier, on which the advertising message is broadcast, does not determine the effectiveness of the campaign. The level of the budget is primarily responsible for the visibility of the campaign, which determines the scope and frequency of positions within it.

In addition to the budget on effectiveness campaigns is affected by the media plan, i.e. the distribution of specific locations within the network that as a whole define the visibility of the campaign. Finally, in addition to the mentioned variables, the appearance of the conceptual solution, i.e. creative, is also included in the calculation. Whether a campaign will have an effect also depends on the creative, pointed out Bojana Novaković from “Alma Quattro”.

It is essential that advertisers understand the nature of outdoor media. It works according to the principle of the network and exposure of some 6-10 seconds during which the advertising message needs to be conveyed.

“You should not burden solutions with long text. You should take care of the dimensions of the logo and the advertised product”, said the sales director from the company “Alma Quattro”.

Outdoor advertising

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The hardest thing is to fight for someone’s attention

Nowadays, the most difficult thing is to fight for someone’s attention, in a range so long, that that someone manages to absorb the entire message that is being sent.

In such circumstances, it is necessary that communication via billboard messages be short, clear and concise, but also have some “twist” that will attract attention.

“Meeting all these criteria sounds almost like an impossible mission, but human creativity is unlimited, so there will always be messages that attract attention,” Novaković emphasized for BIZLife.

OHH (Out of home) media is in synergy with online advertising

If digitization is viewed in a broader sense, which refers not only to digital OOH media, but also to online advertising, research shows that OOH works in synergy with online advertising, whether it is mobile advertising or through a computer.

“OOH serves as a trigger for further online search and more detailed information, i.e. collecting data and accessing an activity. OOH and online address a similar audience: people who are mobile, active, urban with a higher degree of education, thus typical representatives of the consumer society”, stated Novaković.

Outdoor advertising

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What is needed for billboard advertising to be effective and stimulating?

Consumer society is sensitive to trends and fashion in various forms: following trends and fashion dictates leads to a craze for certain products.

In order to make a product or service attractive, stimulating people to buy it, various public figures often appear on billboards in the role of promoters.

Then messages are sent that affect the motivation of a person to want to have something, to be part of a group or a lifestyle with which he can easily identify.

The most difficult job is building a brand that can survive the test of time and survive in several generations of consumers, concluded sales director Bojana Novaković from the company “Alma Quattro”.

Outdoor advertising

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Is advertising of politicians on billboards effective today?

Political marketing is specific. It happens periodically, usually every 4 years, and sometimes more often. Then, in a short period of time, it is “grooved” from all tools, i.e. works in all media fields.

“If advertising on billboards was not effective, politicians would have given up this form of advertising by now,” noted Novaković.

Given that they do not give up, sales director Bojana Novaković from the company “Alma Quattro” concluded that it makes sense. As she stated, the success of political campaigns is not so easy to measure, and even less to separate the effects of individual media that make up the mix during a political campaign.

How to determine the ideal location for a billboard?

There are a number of criteria and benchmarks that should be used when determining whether a location is good for placing a billboard. There is no one ideal location, but many produce exceptional results.

Some of the criteria, which must be met, are that the location for the billboard is such that it enables a large number of contacts with the audience.

Outdoor advertising

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According to the sales director Bojana Novaković from the company “Alma Quattro”, this is achieved on frequent traffic roads in the city: at intersections where the traffic signals are such that you can be exposed to advertising for a longer time, at locations that are near some sales facilities such as shopping malls. centers and in places where traffic does not proceed at high speed and the like.

It is often shown in daily practice that for some billboard locations, for which there is great interest, the measurement results do not support the fact that these are the best locations, she added.

How are the prices of billboards moving in Belgrade?

Prices vary according to media types and formats. With the introduction of OMEX, as an outdoor measurement system, we came to the categorization of billboards depending on their individual measurement results, Novaković stated.

“At this moment, we have a categorization of the media in Belgrade and Novi Sad, the cities where the research was done,” she told the BIZLife portal.

As she stated, rental prices also depend on the quantity, i.e. number of leased media, as well as seasonality. “Alma Quattro” gives special benefits to clients in the so-called “low season” periods when you can get more for less money.

What are the ethical principles that advertising companies are guided by?

All possible restrictions and prohibitions in advertising are determined by the Law on Advertising, the last and current version of which was adopted in 2016.

When it comes to outdoor media, it is forbidden to advertise alcoholic beverages that have a higher percentage of alcohol in them than 20 percent. Advertising of cigarettes and all tobacco products is also prohibited.

Billboard, casinos

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“There are restrictions on the advertising of casinos, betting and games of chance, i.e. a distance of 100 meters from facilities such as kindergartens, hospitals, schools, health facilities and the like should be respected,” Novaković explained to BIZLife.

In addition to respecting the legal provisions that allow, limit or prohibit something, “Alma Quattro” is guided in its business by the Code of Ethics of our industry.

“We are always of the opinion that we do not offend religious or national sentiments with our messages, as well as that we do not threaten general values, rights of individuals or groups. The third principle by which we are guided is the principle of self-regulation, which means that we act proactively, and do not wait for the institutions of the system to sanction us, i.e. they regulate our behavior,” she said.

Different countries have different legal systems

Bristol has banned outdoor advertising for casinos, fast food, alcohol and loans, but only on advertising space it owns, including bus stops and billboards.

Different countries have different legal regulations on this matter. Each society determines the products and services that it considers to be a threat or danger to its citizens, as well as what may and may not be advertised.

“In that process, there are different views on the arrangement of this matter. Some countries have opted for more restrictive solutions. If you ask me if I think someone will smoke just because they saw a pack of cigarettes on a billboard, I don’t think so. But on the other hand, promoting a product that has been proven to endanger people’s health is also not acceptable,” explained Bojana Novaković for BIZLife.


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In Britain they see billboards as “light pollution”

In Great Britain, some officials claim that billboards are “light pollution” and should therefore be removed. Last year, Amsterdam banned some outdoor advertisements – for gasoline and diesel cars.

In today’s world, the “green agenda” has gained momentum, especially when it comes to energy production. Being socially responsible means taking care of environmental pollution.

Illuminated advertisements do not pollute the environment, according to Bojana Novaković from the company “Alma Quattro”.

“I assume that one is thinking about the excessive number of billboards in some cities in the world, which gives the impression of perceptive pollution due to the unplanned and excessive installation of billboards in cities,” she pointed out.


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Serbia does not have regulations for the brightness of digital media and the speed of emoting animated content

Bojana Novaković, director of sales from the company “Alma Quattro”, noted that in this segment we have also taken over good packages from abroad, i.e. self-regulating.

She explained that on our digital media advertisements are broadcast in “slow motion” mode. It is not allowed to use glowing, flickering, flashing effects and there is a limitation of lighting. When it comes to classic types of media, there is no danger of jeopardizing traffic safety due to the strong glare on billboards, she told BIZLife.

How will outdoor media in Serbia be treated in the future?

It is difficult to predict the future, therefore it is difficult to talk about how outdoor media will be treated in the future in Serbia, Bojana Novaković noted.

“I think that the existence of urban furniture is like bus stops, something that will always make sense and for which there will be a need in every city, i.e. urban environment. “Alma Quattro” has a network of bus stops in Belgrade, which serve our fellow citizens when using public city transport. At the same time, they are (re)carriers of advertising messages. Many media can also be transmitters of various service information and other notifications that are important for city services and other state institutions,” she concluded.

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