Homemade solid shampoo: ingredients and preparation

Homemade solid shampoo: ingredients and preparation

Solid shampoo is a convenient solution to the problem of cleaning hair on the go: here’s how to make it homemade.

Have you ever tried solid shampoo? The great advantage is that in addition to being comfortable on the road, it does not pollute and is absolutely environmentally friendly. Once the dilemma on when to use it has been solved, the rest of the way is downhill. Just because bio and antispreco it is much loved by friends of the environment and there are many recipes and procedures for making it at home. We here offer you our favorite which guarantees a brilliant result for the capello in terms of nutrition and perfume.

Homemade solid shampoo: ingredients and preparation

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Solid shampoo is a cosmetic product formulated like a traditional shampoo, but without water: it is much loved because it allows you to avoid using plastic for its packaging and to obtain a product as effective as liquid shampoo but extremely more comfortable, simple to use and cheap. Very practical for those who travel and have little time to devote to hair care. Here is a recipe for making a good and organic stock.


  • 15 ml of distilled water;
  • 50 ml of essential oils;
  • 300 g of coconut butter;
  • 275 ml of olive oil;
  • 200 ml of castor oil;
  • 150 ml of Lye.


Before starting the preparation of the solid shampoo equip yourself with protections (gloves and mask); prepare several sterilized containers and start by pouring the distilled water into a glass bowl and gradually add the lye. It is a delicate phase and to which you must devote a lot of attention and precision. Mix everything: the mixture will begin to heat up. Add castor oil, olive oil and coconut butter (in case you don’t like it, replace it with avocado butter). When the mixture has reached a temperature of 100 ° C, blend it and add a couple of essential oils previously selected. Take a silicone soap mold and pour the mixture into it, then let it sit for a day, covering the surface with a cloth or towel. Remove the solid shampoo from the form and make smaller pieces of it. Your compound will need to rest for about a month before being used.

Solid shampoo: what are the disadvantages?

Everyone knows the advantages of a good solid shampoo: thanks to the solid format, this type of shampoo is very effective comfortable to use and practical to carry during travel. Also in the shower or in a suitcase takes up little space, there is no risk of spilling or wasting product, and those traveling by plane can take it with them without any problem. But what are the disadvantages? They are mainly related to method of use and the difficulty of using a product in a format other than what we are used to. For those with hair with particular problems, as in the case of frizzy hair, it may have to work a little to find the right brand. That’s why it is necessary to do several tests by monitoring the reaction of the hair. Once tried, however, it is a mode of use that is really difficult to abandon for convenience, practicality and love for the environment.