Home Together Edition: the series of online events that brought us together, from a distance

When change became a constant in our lives, the Kubis team created, together with Qreator by IQOS, an island of normality digital through the live entertainment series: “Qreator – Home Together Edition”.

On March 18, Vita de Vie should have released at Qreator by IQOS, together with the public and fans, the single 84-85 (Music never dies). The event could not take place physically, due to the prevention measures instituted by the authorities. But the band and everyone involved did not give up, adapting to the new conditions. No time available for detailed planning, no ppts and figures, only with the desire to offer the community an artistic experience as close as possible to “normal”.

The Vita de Vie concert was extremely well received by the public, which validated the idea that would become “Qreator – Home Together Edition” with the next live event.

The concept was born from a simple desire: to learn, together with the Qreator community, what the “new normal” means to all of us. Throughout this project, the community was at the forefront: from artists and their postponed events, to people who were faced with an unprecedented situation. Although there were some limitations imposed by this situation, the series offered them an island of normalcy: a place where they could listen to their favorite artists and interact with them, as they had done before: natural and friendly.

“Together though separate, more true than ever. The” Home Together “series was a real marathon, possible only due to the collective effort of an extensive and very determined team to convey emotion, beyond the screens, in a” new reality “in which We all had to adapt quickly, and Qreator brought together over a million people through music, theater and talk shows, moments that brought us joy and made us feel “together” when we had I am most grateful for that, and for that, I am especially grateful to the team that has worked tirelessly to make this possible. ” Roxana Niculae (Qreator by IQOS Coordinator)

“From a creative point of view, the pandemic meant a continuous search for unexpected ideas, but especially an acute need for agility in implementation. More than ever, things needed to happen quickly and this united us as people. and it motivated us as a team. And the amazing reaction of the community has shown us that sometimes the situations where you face the biggest challenges are the situations where you have the most to offer. ” Ana-Maria Ian (Digital Lead)

The first official event of the series “Qreator – Home Together Edition” was the theater show “Little and the Fuck”, with Maia Morgenstern and Valentin Roșca, played live on the stage of the State Jewish Theater. The concerts followed The Mono Jacks, byron, Jurjak, May 1 special edition with Adrian Despot moderator and the bands Les Elephants Bizarres and The Kryptonite Sparks, The Man with the Rats, the violinist Alexandru Tomescu and Moonlight Breakfast. Talks on philosophy topics appeared in the mix of events, with Răzvan Exarhu and Constantin Vică, episode 2 New Times, New Ways – TEDxBucharest and theater performances: “Freak Show” with Florin Piersic Jr. or “Aici nu it feels ”with Lia Bugnar and Marius Manole.

Thursday has become a time of respite for the Qreator by IQOS community in the weeks of uncertainty. The series “Qreator – Home Together Edition” addressed topics, musical genres, ways of expression and different formats, which still had a common denominator: the desire to be relevant to the public.

“The question from which I and my teammate, Andrei Deteșan, started was very simple: how could we bring people together and turn their homes into event halls? And, more importantly, to feel emotion and closeness in -a world different from the one we knew? Qreator – Home Together Edition was the answer to everything that was happening around us: no matter the circumstances, we all need art, in any form. “, Sandra Cristu (Copywriter @ Cabbage).

“Qreator – Home Together Edition, and, implicitly, on Thursday evening, became a virtual meeting point, through which the word” together “acquired new values, being at the same time a fundamental need for all of us. The spectrum of live events strengthened the community in which has shown that, through it, Qreator remains the favorite destination of music, art, culture and beauty lovers, even in the temporary absence of a physical space. “, Maria Man (Social Media Manager @ Cabbage).

Almost all the teams worked remotely, which is unusual for everyone involved. Communication with those on the ground, from technicians to artists, worked beyond everyone’s expectations. When you are put in a completely new situation, you find that you are learning to focus on the essence of the project, not on unnecessary details.

The project enjoyed the attention of Andi Moisescu, ApropoTV and was amplified with the help of the McCann PR agency.

The intuition of the teams that worked on the project gave results: in the 13 live shows, there was an average of over 1500 people in each event. The Qreator by IQOS Facebook page increased by over 40% in terms of number of fans and 60% of followers, and in terms of reach it exceeded 1,700,000 people.

The Qreator building has been partially reopened, safely, and will continue to reopen in compliance with all measures required by law. “Qreator – Home Together Edition” ended with a memorable event, a soprano recital Angela Gheorghiu, accompanied by pianist Alexandru Petrovici.

The teams involved plan an organic development of the project, having the certainty that the public will continue to need this recontextualized nature.

Echipa Qreator by IQOS:
Dragoș Bucurenci, Director of Communications
Bogdan Jurge, Senior Communication Manager
Roxana Niculae, Qreator by IQOS Coordinator
Ana-Maria Ian, Digital Lead
Monica Mircea, Qreator by IQOS Executive
Andra Tănăsie, Digital Executive

Kubis Team:
Maria Teodorof, Group Creative Director
Sandra Christ, Copywriter
Andrei Deteșan, Art Director
Laura Fluture, Art Director
Ștefan Chirițescu, Head of Strategy
Maria Man, Social Media Manager
Denisa Vlăduță, Social Media Manager
Sebastian Luba, Head of Social Media
Ruxandra Șulea, Account Executive
Camelia Matei, Account Director
Cristina Schițco, Group Account Director
Matei Pașpan, Media Performance Director
Ionuț Avădanei, Editor

Echipa McCann PR:
Lavinia Chican
Andreea Bara
Ioana Alexandru

Technical team:
Radu Drăgulinescu, General Producer – Quartz Media Production
Gabriel Mihnea Purdea, Directing and technical coordination – Blitztechnology
Mihai Covrig, Image Director
Lucian Balasescu, Image Director