Histria Gran Turismo srie | Sector

The long-running Gran Turismo sria will soon receive its seventh time and its first summary, which in its six main parts has produced sales of over 60 million units with small and many accessories of about 85 million, and is still on the second line of best-selling cars. It is overtaken only by Need for Speed, which in excess of 100 million pieces.

Gran Turismo 1 – 1997 – PS1 – average rated 9.6

Along with the first generation Playstation console, it also releases its own racing turbine Gran Turismo from Polyphony Digital. T at its release ponkla 140 ut a11 track. At the time, the whole thing was in simple graphics (cars had 300 polygons) and simple sounds, but the game captivated and opened the way for a sleepy sri. At the same time, it created its own competition of racing with an expensive storage of various offers of vehicles aimed at simulation. Forza was also not inspired by this.

In addition to vehicles and tracks, the game featured two mods of arcids and a simulan, kdearkdov’s mod out there playing on any track, while the simulanbol was based on a forfeited license, a qualifying vehicle.

Out of curiosity, the game was then developed by 7 and 15 people and it was developed for 5 years, nevertheless they did not have time to finish the game and therefore the sounds were as they were. Hranak finally sold 10 million pieces and became the best-selling PS1 game.

Gran Turismo2 – 1999 – PS1 – average rated 9.3


After the rush of the unit, the two lived like butter, and Polypohony focused on adding vehicles. In two years, their number expanded to 650 and the number of tracks increased to 27. At that time, the development was simple and it was just a matter of polygons and other gear settings. The improvements of graphics and physics were not addressed at that time, but from the citation rules in the two improved brakes. Arc and simulan mod continued their standard, from small changes it was not necessary to drive the tournament, but you could choose individual races.

The game sold over 9 million pieces.

Gran Turismo3 A-Spec-2001 – PS2 – average rated 9.6


The threesome u switched to the new PS2. This meant the first and so far the last retart of Sri Lanka. In the top two, the Polyphony dropped the PS1 basics and completely reworked the cars they used for real physics. The nanos reacted better in the car and the contact with the duration was quoted, this was complemented by a better visa. Altogether, 181 ut got into the game and completed 34 tracks. The authors did not have a lot of work and so the various functions of modifying vehicles compared to the first hrs fell out. Out of interest, an unlicensed Formula 1 also appeared in the game, which the authors renamed variously.

Gran Turismo 3 received three changing versions in Japan, namely Gran Turismo Concept: 2001 Tokyo, 2002 Tokyo-Seoul and 2002 Tokyo-Geneva. The main game sold over 14 million pieces, changing accessories together not over millions. The GT3 has become the most widely used.

Gran Turismo4 -2005 – PS2 – average rated 8.9, sector rated 9.7


Following the example of the first generation, the second generation also did not match the pair of games, of which the second version was slightly improved. The authors re-worked on the vehicles, which they expanded to 772 in 4 years, supplemented it with 51 tracks and re-glued the control model, even though they caused a ping-pong effect and absenteeism, as well as online support. The game became very popular towards the end of PS2’s life, but it didn’t have time to sell a lot of pieces to catch up with its predecessor. She sold a bag of massive 11.7 million pieces.

From the creator, Polyphony also started building the image for the resolution of the game, because the game offered support for 1080i resolution, and there was no ben on the PS2. It was upscalated from 1280 x 880, but on PS2 it still had power.

GT4 itself got two additions to it, one prolg, known as Gran Turismo 4 Prologue – 2004, which sold over a million pieces, and one Gran Turismo 4 Online add-on, which was just a test version in which Polyphony rocked online multiplayer. They didn’t have time to finish the multiplayer mod in GT4 and finally put it aside in GT5.

Gran Turismo5 -2010 – PS3 – average rated 8.4, sector rated 8.5


Gran Turismo switched to the new generation, but despite 5 differences and a long delay, it was not fully prepared. Vinuzo of its 1083 maths transferred from PS2 without any other rights, as well as many of the 26 mediums were in low resolution. The authors incorporated the destruction, which was different according to the types of cars, as in the previous generation, the physics of control were re-glued, the vision of the new tracks was impressive, as well as the number of cars. The game also got multiplayer with water problems and only a small offer. The whole career was mainly driven by an extensive career, which featured diligent events such as motokry, WRC, Nascar, Top Gear. The first motokr u on the track could be 32 apoet and stpol 16 oprotiiestim in the previous games.

Along with the new generation and online support, there was also reachable content, which brought vehicles in packages and added a track.

The game resolved in the same way as in the creator, rising like the competition and again bringing only an upscalated 1080p resolution from 1280 x 1080, but again a positive addition. At the same time, the bag was more highlighted by lowres PS2 vehicle models, or even extrm cars imported from the PSP version of the game. The vision of the game thus seemed inconsistent.

Following the GT4 model, GT5 also received the official Gran Turismo 5 Prologue prolg, which was also known as a mass-paid demo, but fulfilled its el, people bought it and we gave it a rating of 8.0. In addition to GT5, Polyphony also released its GT Academy, whose game with the best times it invited to the Boot camp.

Gran Turismo -PSP – 2009 – average rated 7.4, sector rating 6.5


Like the GT5, the PSP version has long been developed and long overdue. The PSP bag did not end up very bright and ended up being the weakest in Sri Lanka. The game lacked a career, upgrading vehicles, but also had a decent driving experience and was suitable for relaxing gaming. It offered a total of 833 vehicles and 75 tracks from GT4.

In this version of the vacancy, the Polyphony did not continue and in the end no GT game was released on PS Vita.

The game sold suns 4.2 million pieces.

Gran Turismo6 -2013 – PS3 – average rated 8.1, sector rating 8.0


Again massive and again fully compromised Gran Turismo 6. Not even 1200 ut a33 traatnavri sriu before alm pdomv evaluated. The authors still focus on sweat and less on the consistency of processing. Although all the cars tried to improve, there were still compromises and remnants of the PS2 ry, which were most pronounced on the sounds of ut. The authors still did not make the necessary different cuts and did not throw away the load that put the game down. In addition, the game was released incompletely and unfinished due to a lack of information, and it was gradually filled with updates. In the first day there was a patch adding multiplayer.

On the other hand, in the new game, the tuning model is re-tuned, so the ride is more believable again, the camp is again massive and a dozen worthy. o The most interesting thing about GT6 is the addition of a month’s vehicle and month’s tracks, in which it is necessary to go through certain points. They didn’t offer extra play, but a nice bonus that no one else offers. The authors, like al bonus, added to some tracks a change of day and night and poasiapoas of the race.

Compared to the GT5s, the impact on the visor itself was difficult, some things got stuck, some burned, for example, dynamic tesselcia was added, but also image blurring by postprocessing, which exchanged dialiasing, but also increased in 1080p mode to 1440×1080, but the framerate dropped.

Gran Turismo Sport – 2017 – PS4 – average rated 7.5 -review 8.0


Gran Turismo Sport is in srie. It was not a standard single-player game with added multiplayer, but primarily a multiplayer game. It came with only a handful of content and gradually expanded in the body of the game as a service. He added features, cars and even tracks and eventually it grew sharply and shattered those of its single player content.

Gran Turismo 7 – PS5


At the present event for PS5, Sony missed the first piece from Gran Turismo 7, a new sequel to Sri, which will return to the original tracks and thus bring camps, all the possibilities, multiplayer, but also improved graphics, where raytracing will be added. We don’t know when the game will come out yet.