His followers strongly disagree with Eva Horváth

Éva Horváth posted a real summer video, but this time her followers do not agree with her opinion.

Éva Horváth and her family live in a wonderful house with a garden and a swimming pool. The model presenter presented a dive in a sexy red swimsuit and wrote “the whale is flying” for the photo. His followers were completely upset at Eve’s statement, many writing to her mother that they did not see a whale, but rather a beautiful mermaid.

It’s okay. But where is the whale?

Wow! This is a very nice head!

Jujjj Évi, how can you write like this ?! Not a whale, but a Bomb!

I want to be such a pretty whale too – his followers wrote to Éva Horváth.

AND what is true is true! Éva Horváth is in great shape: she trains regularly, the results of which can be seen.

“I want to show you my little home gym 💪 and my little co-worker 👶🏻who never lets me finish the program 😂 is it familiar Mamik” – wrote Éva Horváth earlier.

(cover photo: Éva Horváth / Instagram)