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Hilbi not only offers an innovative solution in patient management so that he does not have to visit a doctor’s office unnecessarily, but he is also a cyber health protector in the treatment process and prevention.

Hilbi is a new comprehensive ecosystem for safe communication between physician and patient. The modern approach involves routine patient management at a distance.

“Technologies such as Facebook, Instagram, mobile payments, artificial intelligence and smart watches are changing our daily lives. We used the experience of building these technologies to create a digital platform that can protect the patient during treatment and prevention, but will also make it easier for doctors to provide healthcare, ”explains Chief Executive Officer Hilbi Patrik Kmeč. “It’s not about replacing the existing eHealth, it’s about enriching it.”

What Hilbi brings:

  • Eliminates all unnecessary physical encounters of the patient in the outpatient clinic;
  • It simplifies the doctor’s work and saves time not only for them but also for patients;
  • Allows personalized access to the patient;
  • Transparently rewards doctors for providing above-standard services;

“In Slovakia, we have 355,226 diabetics registered, of which 203,000 have hypertension. To check their health, they should record in their diary not only their blood glucose levels, but also their doses of antidiabetics or insulin, the amount of carbohydrates in their diet or physical exertion. However, it is difficult for a doctor to find his way in diaries, ”explains Ladislav Pásztor, general practitioner for adults and president of the Association of Private Doctors of the Slovak Republic.

A huge benefit is the recording of regular measurements directly into the system, in which the doctor sees all fluctuations and immediately alerts the patient. “He communicates immediately with the patient and the problem is solved in its infancy,” says Pásztor. “Similar management is suitable for hypertensives, of which there are approximately 800,000 in Slovakia,” said Pásztor.

As he added on the Internet, patients often choose the wrong treatments. “Hilbi wants to change that. It is a response to the demand for quality information, without sitting in the doctor’s waiting room for a long time. In addition, patients often learn what they already know. Artificial intelligence clearly has a future in medicine,” concluded Ladislav Pásztor.

However, Hilbi does not only cover the mentioned examples. They are most transparent because hundreds of thousands of people suffer from them and their inadequate treatment can have serious consequences. The platform is developed as a practical tool for physicians to communicate not only to the patient, but also between physicians.

These include the issuance of various confirmations, required examinations of patients, treatment and consultations outside office hours, as well as additional services in modern patient care in addition to the services reimbursed by the health insurance company.

One-click health information

“Imagine having all your health data available with one click anywhere in the world. You create and supplement your unique health history from many sources throughout your life, and if necessary, you can easily share it with any doctor or emergency service. The data can provide you with personalized treatment or prevention or save your life, ”explains Roman Kučera, Chief Technology Officer Hilbi.

These are, for example:

  • Collection of medical data necessary for the health care of the patient outside the residence, outside the regular office hours, etc. (BP, P, TT, allergies, basic diagnoses and treatment, other information);
  • Integration of many data sources and measuring devices (eHealth, Garmin, Fitbit, etc.);
  • Communication of basic health data with the workplaces of the emergency medical service – their knowledge to emergency medical staff will significantly improve the quality of activities and they can make a positive decision about the patient’s fate;
  • Possibility of data synchronization with medical records;
  • New types of data, complementing a holistic approach to patient health (behavioral, environmental data…).

The application is free for users and the patient pays only for selected premium services. The uniqueness of HILBI is that most of the revenue is automatically redistributed back between doctors and health care providers.

The data is owned by the patient and he decides to share it. No one but the patient has access to the data unless they allow it.

“West of the Czech border, we have been observing a process for a long time, which we can simply call the ‘rationalization of healthcare’. COVID-19 accelerated this process. Experience confirms that it is necessary to involve patients in the process, because it is about them in the whole system, “says Vladimír Přikryl, General Manager of CGM CZ&SK. “We believe that Hilbi is the right way to go. Hilbi for the patient and ADAM for the doctor. Thanks to the integration with Hilbi, ADAM gets an unrivaled solution, “added Přikryl.

Examples of why Hilbi is the way of the future

The fatal consequences of a mistake that can occur when communicating over the telephone are illustrated by a real case.

The patient consulted the doctor by phone about the results of the examination. At home, she had a medicine used to treat blood clotting and talked to her doctor about how she would take it. Two major misunderstandings arose during the telephone communication due to the hearing. At first, the patient did not understand the dosage recommended by her doctor. Instead of the recommended dose twice a day for half a tablet, she took 1 tablet twice a day. The second mistake occurred with the strength of the packaging she had at home.

At the proposed dosage, the doctor assumed that the patient had a lower strength pack at home, but she had a pack with a higher effective dose. So instead of the recommended 3 mg of active substance, she took 10 mg a day. She died of bleeding.

Neither the doctor nor the patient was protected during the telephone communication, in retrospect it was difficult to find out from which side and why an error occurred during the interview.

Hilbi prevents such situations, the patient receives clear and comprehensible instructions in writing (chat), and he and the doctor will be protected.

It helps in crisis situations where the ambulance or the doctor in the hospital need to have basic information about the patient immediately.

An example is the story of a chronically ill patient with a severe diagnosis that requires the use of several types of drugs. That is why the part of the medical documentation, which contains data on the current treatment, is still with him. The ambulance took him to the hospital after the deterioration of his health condition, but the paramedics forgot to take the paper documentation with them. The doctor then called the family home from the hospital at midnight asking what medications and at what intervals the patient was taking, as his condition did not improve.

Using the Hilbi platform would not lead to a similarly aggravated situation that stressed the doctor, the patient and the family.

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