Here’s how to watch YouTube videos in incognito – PC World

It takes a few keystrokes and the videos you watch occasionally don’t ruin your content recommendation on the main page.

YouTube is one of Google’s most popular services, and for a while now, like many other pieces of software, it’s been incognito. Not everyone knows about its existence to this day, only advanced users. So it’s worth pointing out that if you don’t want Google’s algorithms to disrupt the referral order and content flow on your homepage as a result of occasionally watching cooking, celebrity, music videos, it’s a good idea to turn on incognito mode before watching these types of casual videos.

Google has been testing the feature for a long time and has been available to anyone for about 2 years. Where? First you need to open the YouTube app and then click on your own account icon in the top right corner. And then that’s it [Inkognitómód bekapcsolása] you have to poke one by one.



Then your profile icon will change, a black bar will appear at the bottom, indicating that you are viewing in incognito mode. If you return to your own account, you will need to follow the previous steps, optionally selecting the opt-out option.

It’s important to note that incognito is a great thing, but it has its limitations. Content you view in this way will not appear in your history, searches, or referrals, but your activity will still be tracked by Google and monitored by your ISP, employer, school, or even the authorities.