Here is the new Samsung QLC SSD with 8 TB capacity


The age of hard drives is really coming to an end, at least for home users for sure, as more and more low-end, high-capacity SSDs are on the market. The latest such product line is Samsung’s just-announced 870 QVO series, designed as the successor to the 860 QVO for those who prefer the latter of the speed, load and capacity triads.

Like its predecessor, the novelty is based on a SATA interface and QLC NAND chips, which guarantee a good price / capacity ratio while trying to improve DRAM buffer and SLC cache at speed. As a controller, we can welcome the manufacturer’s own product in the drives, which are uniformly guaranteed by Samsung for three years. More detailed specifications and recommended prices in the table below – the exact date of domestic release is not yet known.

Nokia 870 WHICH SATA SSD 1 TB 2 TB 4 TB 8 TB
Make Samsung MKX
Flash chip Samsung 1Tbit 92L 3D QLC
Standard size 2.5 “7mm SATA
Max. Sequential reading / writing 560 MB / s / 530 MB / s (SLC), 80 MB / s (QLC) 560 MB / s / 530 MB / s (SLC), 160 MB / s (QLC)
Random read / write 4k @ QD32 98k (SLC), 45k (QLC) / 88k (SLC), 22k (QLC) 98k (SLC), 74k (QLC) / 88k (SLC), 42k (QLC)
SLC cache Max. 42 GB Max. 78 GB
DRAM buffer 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Durability 360 TBW 720 TBW 1440 TBW 2880 TBW
Recommended price 129,99 USD 249,99 USD 499,99 USD Not yet known